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[PHOTO] Retiree

March 30, 2021
One shot, one hole \\ Sophomore Carson Tittle grabs his hole-in-one ball from the hole to celebrate. He played with the junior varsity boys team at the RHS Big 4 competition at Waterview Golf Course Feb. 8. “I have not gotten a hole in one at a competition before. In fact, this was my first hole in one,” Tittle said.

[PHOTO] Student Spotlight:

September 16, 2019
Sparkly Smile \ Custodian Ewelina Lyons pauses as photojournalism students take a picture of her for their scavenger hunt. She is from Poland, but came to the United States and attended Wylie High.

[PHOTO] Unsung Hero

November 17, 2020
A good one \\ Freshman Bryanna Turner highly recommends the latest video game obsession: Among Us.

[PHOTO] Among us

October 15, 2020
More harm than good \\ Rockets GM Daryl Morey's tweet is a simple case of freedom of speech. China is overreacting. Cutting ties with the NBA harms their citizens the most.

[PHOTO] NBA vs. China 

October 21, 2019
All smiles \\ Sophomore Connor Phelps surprises his girlfriend, freshman Rylie Flaherty, with a homecoming proposal. “I was really mad and I didn't want to go outside, but I'm glad I did,” Flaherty said.

[PHOTO] Check yes or no

October 11, 2019
 “The action or practice of inhaling and exhaling the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device” has become prevalent among teens and young adults.

[PHOTO] All-time high 

September 13, 2019
Achieving Artistry // Students in the first division show off their medals. The 70 art students won a total of 103 regional medals at Vase.

[PHOTO] Art of gold

February 26, 2019
Uncandy choice \\ Junior Cam Sipe shows off his ring pop after receiving it at the annual ring ceremony Nov. 29. Sipe decided to be presented with a ring pop to save money due to the high prices of class rings. “It’s better to buy a ring at 7/11 than to pay hundreds of dollars for one,” Sipe said.

[PHOTO] Sweet bling

December 1, 2018
Photo provided by MOXIE.

[PHOTO] Not so Sriracha

October 24, 2017
Manufacturing picture

[PHOTO] Badge of honor

February 1, 2016
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