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Pop review \\ Long-time Dr. Pepper fan, freshman Braelyn Wiest, reviews flavor of Texas served around Wylie.
The drink of Texas
Dr. Pepper enthusiast reviews Wylie’s carbonated beverages
writer: Braelyn Wiest
Tired of weighting
writer: Katie Borchetta, Staff Reporter
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Beast Ballots

COVID-19 vaccines are now available to all. Are you getting one?

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News Briefs
Power Hour CaMPS

The event formerly known as the “Power Hour Powwow” is now known as “Power Hour CaMPS” or the Campus Meeting of Police and Students. This meeting is a time for students to ask questions and learn from the Wylie PD regarding a wide range of topics. It’s every Wednesday in the competition gym from 12:50-to 1:30 p.m. or join virtually via a Google Meet: nq3aj2o.


WISD resetting passwords

Beginning Tuesday, April 27, when staff and students in grades five through 12 log into their accounts they will be prompted to provide information to enable their accounts for self-service password resets. Simply follow the prompts and provide the required information. Once complete with this one-time process, these staff and students in grades five through 12 can reset their own passwords as needed.

Living inside the box
Living inside the box
Senior Jessica Sadberry
"He is a Ball Python. I love reptiles and have never had one before this so I thought it’d be a fun challenge. His name is Blue and I named him that because in Jurassic Park there’s a pterodactyl named Blue and I thought it fit considering his eyes are blue. I’ve had him for 3 years. He likes to cuddle with my cat and I."
Man's best friends
writer: Hannah Hansen, Staff Reporter

April 11 is National Pet Day. The student body has a variety of different...

A different form of writing
writer: yearbook staff

April is National Poetry Month. From teaching how tos, to celebrating their...

Look it up \\ The yearbook staff celebrates their recognition of being put in the 2020 Jostens Look Book. This is the 11th out of 13 yearbooks to be included in the book of excellence.
Look good on paper
writer: Katie Borchetta, Staff Reporter

The 2019-2020 yearbook staff has been recognized, yet again, for their...

Calling the shots \\ Senior Jada Hahs prepares for her first shot during her first round of vaccinations. "It didn
Teens with vaccines
writer: Shelby Perry, Staff Reporter

The world has come a long way since spring break of 2020. After over a...

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Raider Redraw by Gigi Hayes
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