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To the brim \\ Stop supporting fast fashion. SHEIN is cheaply manufactured. Its low prices contribute to an influx of sales which in turn causes landfills to overfill.
Fast fashion dispassion
Buying from SHEIN contributes to global pollution
writer: Maggie Volpi, journalism student
Student struggles
writer: Brooke Whitesell, journalism students
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News Briefs

New parent drop off/pick up location

A new building entrance is now available and ready for use starting Monday, Sept. 27. Parent drivers dropping off students or picking them up in the afternoons will follow the south driveway and loop around the southeast parking lot. Loading and unloading will occur near the concrete steps. Avoid entering the front parking lot area before and after school unless you are needing to park and enter the building. 


Spirit Themes

Sept. 24 Camo

Oct. 1 Superhero

Oct. 8 Pink out

Oct. 21 Ultimate Raider

Oct. 28 Hat Day

Nov. 5 Class Shirt/Jersey Day


Chromebook problems?

If a student’s Chromebook will not allow them to log in and their old password doesn’t work, then click FORGET PASSWORD and PROCEED ANYWAY, which should allow a student to access their Chromebook. If a student’s Chromebook won’t turn on, then hold down the POWER and REFRESH button at the same time before attempting to power it back on.

Cheer up \\ Throwing t-shirts at the pep rally, sophomore Natasha Kunze hypes up the students with the other cheerleaders. “I love the interaction between students and teachers. I love cheering with my team and doing fun, cool skills,” Kunze said. The last home game and pep rally of the year was Oct. 21.
Raider, white, and blue
Get into it \\ Reviewing their latest routine, East Side Crew vice president Crystal Macalisang leads the group as they prepare for the upcoming pep rally Oct. 21. Having rarely performed during the 2020-2021 school year, the crew returns to their regular performance routine with excitement. I think, overall, this years dances are going to be our best ones yet, Macalisang said.
What Side? East Side
Make fit count
Make fit count
writer: Shelby Perry, Digital Media Editor

This year's revised standardized dress allows for students to step outside...

Interacting with students \\ During East Side Rally, clubs showcased their programs to students as they picked up their schedules and toured the school. Bailey Causey represents the Interact Club.
Young blood
writer: Yamina Dashti, journalism student

“Man, I’ve been needing to join a club, but none of them seem appealing...

Sweet deal \\ Recruiting members to her table, junior Ava Rhodes hands out candy to entice students to join Leo Club at East Side Rally Aug 10. We love new members. Everyone should join Leo Club, Rhodes.
writer: Adysen Robertson, journalism student

Lions are brave, determined, and do the best for their families. This is...

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Raider Redraw by Gigi Hayes
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