The hardt of Wylie

Shoemaker & Hardt remains superior coffee shop in Wylie


photo credit: courtesy photo

writer: Savannah Kiser, journalism student

Located in Downtown Wylie, Shoemaker & Hardt has undoubtedly the best coffee in town.

A fuzzy warm feeling comes to every customer’s stomach as they enter. Right when entering, customers are greeted with windchimes, hats, even sunglasses. Not only does the shop sell coffee, but doubles as a boutique of home goods and antiques. Shoemaker’s ambiance invites customers with comfortable chairs and tables. Coffee is not the only thing customers can purchase, including ice cream or pastries. The sweet mix of warm chocolate and espresso is easy to the taste buds. 

Service is a plus with polite staff and quick wait. The price for a cup ranges from $3-4. This  is much lower than Starbucks $6-7 range depending on size.

Conversations coffee Bar is a huge competitor in the Wylie community. Popularity may reign for Conversations as a hotspot for teens to do homework and hangout, BUT to enjoy  the best coffee place in town, go check out Shoemaker & Hardt in Downtown Wylie on Ballard Street.