Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree 

Students navigate high school with parents on staff


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Two of a kind \ Junior Aubrey Gibson sees her mom, an attendance clerk, at school daily. “I really enjoy having my mom at school with me,” junior Aubrey Gibson said. “She is always right there when I need her.”

writer: Morgan Gore, Staff reporter

Instead of having to wait to get home to see their parents, they can just walk right around the corner to their classroom, that’s because their parents work at the school as teachers.

Unlike other parents, these adults get to see their children during the school day instead of just at home.

This is geometry teacher Ms. Lisa Schuckman’s first year teaching here and she gets to share the school with her son, Cole.

“I taught at Heritage High School in Frisco for three years and 13 years in Illinois,” Ms. Schuckman said. 

Cole likes being at school with his mom who’s in room 118.

“It’s kind of interesting because people ask me if I can get their answers,” Cole said.

Ms. Amy Gibson is an attendance clerk here who started this January. Her daughter, Aubrey, is a junior.

“She knows everyone including my teachers, so she knows all about my assignments and when I’m getting behind, but she’s always right there when I need her,” Aubrey said.

Ms. Schuckman benefits from being in the same school district where her children attend.

“Being at the same school allows me to be on the same schedule as my kids, it also allows me to be close to them if they need something, and knowing the culture of the school helps with knowing how to help my children if needed. This is the second time that it has happened as I taught at the same school as my daughter attended back in Illinois. I taught at Normal Community High School and my daughter also attended that school during her high school years. She loved it as she could come ask for snacks and I loved being available to her during the day,” Ms. Schuckman said.

Cole has a love-hate relationship with his parental situation.

“Some pros are that I get to get snacks from her whenever I want. Also whenever she orders food, she always gets me something to eat, but people tell her everything I do at school. Also my friends have her as a teacher,” Cole said. 

Ms. Gibson wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I like it! It’s nice seeing my child during the day,” Ms. Gibson said.

Lunch time offers perks to having a parent at your school.

“Me and my mom switch off getting each other food at lunchtime sometimes. She also keeps my snacks in her cabinet, so I can get one whenever I need it. I love my mom and she loves working here, so I love her being here,” Aubrey said.


Other parent/student attendees at this school:

Senior Ashtyn Arp and mom Mrs. Angela Arp

Senior Campbell Andrews and dad Coach Heath Andrews

Freshman Ian Bell and dad Mr. Kidren Bell

Senior Chase Campbell and dad Mr. Micheal Williams

Junior Luke Carter and mom Mrs. Mary Carter

Senior Bailey Causey and mom Mrs. Jenny Knowles Causey

Senior Grace Clayton and mom Ms. Kathryn Clayton

Freshman Aydan Coers and mom Mrs. Mandy Coers

Sophomore Ryleigh Doolan and mom Mrs. Tiffany Doolan

Senior Matthew Hattaway and dad Mr. Jeff Hattaway

Senior Ryah Hill and parents Mr. Joe and Mrs. Jill Hill

Junior Malaika Iqbal and freshman Humza Iqbal, daughter and son of Ms. Fauzia Iqbal

Sophomores Ethan Johnston and Huntyr Louster and mom Officer Louster and dad Mr. Louster

Sophomore Haider Lafta and mom Seemaa Al Kafshi

Sophomore Luke Lamont and mom Mrs. Lucia Jones

Senior Lindsey Lanman and dad Mr. David Lanman

Sophomore Abby Maxwell and parents Patty and John Maxwell

Senior Jason Olford II and freshman Jamal Olford and mom Mrs. Lisa Olford

Junior Baylor Rodgers and dad Mr. James Rodgers

Sophomore Cole Schuckman and mom Ms. Lisa Schuckman

Junior Eva Shipp and dad Mr. David Shipp

Junior Tori Thedford and mom Mrs. Casi Thedford

Senior Gracie Tower and mom Mrs. Angela Tower

Senior Emily and freshman Avery Williams and mom Mrs. Jamie Williams

Freshman Haylee Wilson and mom Mrs. Lauren Wilson

Junior Joseph Wyatt and dad Mr. Patrick Wyatt

Sophomore Kiley York and mom Mrs. Heather York