Students fear missing out because they are learning from home

Cali Scott

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May 10, 2022

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Work from home On the online conference call, students have the ability to ask a tutor questions about any assignments they have. The conference helps students at home with COVID or in quarantine. “A tutor who is skilled in all subjects can help me with my work and can help me get a hold of my teachers if I need something,” Student Dayden Dyess said.

With 147 COVID-19 cases at this school so far this school year, sick or quarantined students are missing out on schoolwork and other activities. To help the students stay caught up, Wylie has new policies for students at home. 

If a kid gets quarantined or gets COVID, like student Dayden Dyess and student Braelyn Wiest, online conferences are available. Unlike last year, students can get on a Google Meet everyday for four hours, and a tutor can help them or answer any questions they have. Besides the conference, most students are going on Google Classroom to find their assignments or getting notes from friends, but they still are missing out on tests and lectures. 

It’s super helpful for me to have teachers who understand the situation I’m in and help me understand the material we cover in class while I’m at home. This makes coming back so much easier.

— Braelyn Wiest, sophomore

“We are restricted from taking any quizzes or tests which is very stressful when you’re gone for over 10 days,” student Dyess said.

Not only are students stressed about missing school, but they are scared to miss out on extracurriculars and hanging out with friends.

“I am super nervous about missing school work,” student Wiest said. “I am also worried about missing cheer practice because I don’t want to be taken out of the routine.” 

Because of all the activities and school work they are missing out on, the students will have the same amount of days they missed to make up their work and be able to talk to their teachers when they get back. 

Teachers have instructions on how to help their students if they get sick or quarantined. The teachers post the daily assignments in Google Classroom, but truly helping the students goes beyond that. 

“Teachers can help students by exhibiting empathy and understanding that students will have a lot of work to catch up on once they feel better,” English teacher Lauren Stevenson said. “Clear and responsive communication is also helpful if the student is reaching out to ask for help.”

Teachers are trying to be helpful and understanding through this tough time and do what they were instructed to do to help their students. 

“It’s super helpful for me to have teachers who understand the situation I’m in and help me understand the material we cover in class while I’m at home,” Wiest said. “This makes coming back so much easier.”