Passing into new era

New men’s volleyball team forms


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Hit hard \\ Playing in their first match of the season, the new men’s volleyball team plays Rockwall. The team plays their next game against John Paul II March 25.

writer: Cali Scott, Staff Reporter

For the first time in school history, a men’s volleyball team exists and is growing in popularity.

Since this is the first year for any Wylie school to have a men’s team, the two high schools combined players to have more students involved.

“We are working collaboratively with Wylie High this year to get our feet wet in hopes to be on our own in the future,” girls basketball and men’s volleyball coach Meaghan Hodapp said.

Two students, sophomore Carter Riggins and junior Anderson Ngo, decided to make the team because they always enjoyed playing and wanted an opportunity to play at the high school level.

I’m certain that we’ll climb the ranks in the roster through time, and of course, have fun while doing so.

— junior Anderson Ngo

“I talked to Mr. Hattaway because he knew I was interested in starting a boys volleyball club. He knew Anderson was also interested in volleyball so we started talking to create the club,” Riggins said.

Practices started the first week of December The team practices on Monday and Wednesday nights for an hour and a half in the gyms here and at Wylie High School. The team has regular games and tournaments planned for the rest of the season.

The team and coaches are trying to stay positive. Many of the players have never played volleyball on a competitive level, so they are focusing on learning the game and having fun.

“Honestly, what I’m expecting for this team this year is improvement. Since this club is relatively new, it’s inevitable that the team is going to encounter multiple issues in playstyle,” Anderson Ngo said. “However, I’m certain that we’ll climb the ranks in the roster through time, and of course, have fun while doing so.”

While the team isn’t supported by the UIL yet, the team is still finding ways to play against other teams and attend tournaments.

Anyone who wants to play and is interested can join the team.

“We are always looking for more to come out and see what it’s all about. I hope to get more students involved,” Hodapp said.

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