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Jazmine Garcia

Jazmine Garcia, Digital Editor

Hi, my name is Jazmine. I play the euphonium in band and I’m the oldest out of four siblings, which takes up most of my time. Who needs sleep anyway? Actually I do, you don't want to meet a sleepless Jazmine. Not fun. I love to read, and by love I mean I’m obsessed with reading. Jane Austen was, and will always be, the best author out there. By the way, don’t ask me about my reading material unless you feel like losing 20 minutes of your time. Randomness runs through me, as well as sentences that don’t make sense. Like every other student in this school, I’m stressed out all the time but I've gotten pretty good at telling myself, “It’s all good, everything’s fine.” Most days, I wish I had a blue police box that could time travel just so I can take a nap and maybe go to 1817 Russia. I don’t know how to end this and I probably came across as weird, especially since the majority of this is edited from my freshman year, so it's fitting that this is my first and last staff bio. After high school, I plan to attend Texas Woman's University and may major in Music Therapy and/or English. Have a good day and God bless you.

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Jazmine Garcia