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Loud and proud \\ Juniors get hype at the Oct. 22 pep rally. Sophomores should follow the lead of upperclassmen when it comes to participating in pep rallies.

Sophomores need school spirit

writer: Adysen Robertson, journalism student
October 26, 2021
Niagara Fall Break \ Counselor Miss Jessica Taylor scratches off another place on her world map after going on a trip to Canada over fall break. Whenever she gets the chance, she travels to a new place and scratches it off her map. “I went to a professional hockey game, a world cup qualifier, and took a helicopter ride over Niagara Falls,” Taylor said. “That was so cool.”

Oh, the places you’ll study

writer: Heath Hadley, Editor in Chief
October 25, 2021
Running the flags \\ After the football team scored a touchdown at their home stadium, the JROTC spirit team runs the big Raider Nation flags across the field. “Spirit Team is always a good way to create fun and memorable experiences,” spirit team commander Hanah Robertson said. “Personally, my favorite happened this past game in Longview. After halftime, we got up the Raider inflatable flawlessly. The amount of pride I had in my team was overwhelming.” The spirit team hypes up the crowd at every football game.

Bring the hype

writer: Morgan Clark, Staff Reporter
October 20, 2021
Quick study \ Students received study guides to help them prepare for the upcoming PSATs. Students will take it at school Oct. 26.

Test of time

writer: Hannah Hansen, Copy Editor
October 18, 2021
Professionally speaking \\ Broadway performer Christy Altomare directs seniors Tyler Seymour and Eva Kewley as they perform Still and The Neva Flows for the production of Anastasia Sept. 29. “It meant a lot for her to be here because she achieved the dream that a lot of young actors and actresses strive for and just never achieve,” junior Crei Pierson said.

Stealing the show

writer: Hannah Hansen, Copy Editor
October 8, 2021
Behind the gift \\ Accepting the opposing team’s student council gift, senior Ryah Hill shows off the gift from Mt. Pleasant at the varsity football game Aug.26.

Behind the gift exchange

writer: Jaylee Paredes, Staff Reporter
October 1, 2021
Lame or game \ Superintendent Dr. Vinson writes student feedback on what strategies and social media platforms are “lame” or what the district wants to know to improve communication and relationships over social media. “I think one of the main takeaways I got from the council was that our district is willing to listen to its students,” Wylie High senior Alina Nguyen, HOSA and NHS president said. “They were extremely receptive to student input, and to be one of the few selected to represent Wylie High School was an extraordinary opportunity.”

The room where it happens

writer: Heath Hadley, Editor in Chief
September 30, 2021
Work from home \\ On the online conference call, students have the ability to ask a tutor questions about any assignments they have. The conference helps students at home with COVID or in quarantine. “A tutor who is skilled in all subjects can help me with my work and can help me get a hold of my teachers if I need something,” Student Dayden Dyess said.


writer: Cali Scott, Staff Reporter
September 28, 2021
Spirit leader \\ Senior Everett Vasquez leads the student section at the varsity football game against Mt. Pleasant Aug. 26. Be at the football games and pep rallies, Vasquez said. Get involved in school events, be loud and excited at the school events you attend. Don’t be embarrassed to put yourself out there.

Stand up to East spirit

writer: Brooke Whitesell, journalism student
September 25, 2021
Interacting with students \\ During East Side Rally, clubs showcased their programs to students as they picked up their schedules and toured the school. Bailey Causey represents the Interact Club.

Young blood

writer: Yamina Dashti, journalism student
September 25, 2021
Sweet deal \\ Recruiting members to her table, junior Ava Rhodes hands out candy to entice students to join Leo Club at East Side Rally Aug 10. We love new members. Everyone should join Leo Club, Rhodes.


writer: Adysen Robertson, journalism student
September 24, 2021
The most diabolical lick\\ Sticking to a wall in the boy’s 100 hall bathroom, the remains of a stolen soap dispenser showcase a successful lick, the culprit leaving not a trace of evidence behind. To be honest, the trend is stupid because there isn’t a valid reason for the act. People just want to be ‘all that,’ sophomore Vivian Ngyen said.

A Scrumptious Scheme

writer: Gloria Olajimi, Staff Reporter
September 21, 2021
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