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District wears yellow in honor of teacher


photo credit: Courtesy photo

Ms. Lacie Moore had taught at Davis Intermediate School since 2020 as an ELA teacher.

writer: Hannah Hansen, Editor-in-Chief

Ms. Lacie Moore was a fifth grade teacher at Davis Intermediate School who passed away unexpectedly Sunday, Sept. 11.

In honor of her and the impact she had on those around her, the district wore her favorite color, yellow, Tuesday, Sept. 20.

“To our Davis Team, it was a very special day,” Davis Principal Cody Summers said. “A special day to give Ms. Moore the love and respect she deserved. A special day to celebrate the impact she made on her students, families, and co-workers.”

There was a vigil held Thursday night, Sep. 15 where Davis staff, students, and their families attended to show their love and appreciation for Ms. Moore and their support to her family in this difficult time.

“We initially had a day at Davis that we wore yellow to honor Ms. Moore on the day of her vigil,” Mr. Summers said. “We are very appreciative of the district for coming up with the idea to do this district wide.”

Since her sudden passing, the school district has banded together to take care of Ms. Moore’s classes as well as provide support to the grieving students and co-workers.

“To be honest, this past week has been one of the most difficult ones I’ve had in my professional career,” Mr. Summers said. “It was difficult to see so many students, families, and staff upset. One thing so great about our community is that we all came together and supported each other.”

Ms. Moore was a mother of three who was best known for her love of the color yellow and her love of giving hugs.

“She connected with students in ways that I’ve never seen before,” Mr. Summers said. “She had a great sense of humor that made everyone laugh. Her favorite color of yellow described her best, as she came in each day and brightened the day for those she came in contact with.”

Most importantly, though, Ms. Moore was known for her love and care for her children, students and their families, and fellow staff members.

“Overall it was just great to see everyone come together to celebrate and remember the impact Ms. Moore had on all of us,” Mr. Summers said.