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I'm sure you’ve heard my last name before, due to my DNA having relation to the famous Jaxson Hill. Yes I know, cue jaw drop. However, he and I are nowhere near alike. Except for that, I’m smart too (I’d like to say). I am a 300% extrovert, and I am always down to party or laugh until I come close to peeing my pants. I have a small Tik Tok obsession and can be found gulping down some ice cream, despite the fact that I’m slightly lactose intolerant. I run track, have a runny nose during allergy season, and enjoy running to the kitchen for some killer Kraft Mac and Cheese. Just text me for the recipe, or you can look on the back of the box if you’re lazy. This is my first year on the newspaper and yearbook staff, and I’m excited to carry on the legacy of the Hills!’

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Power pose \\ Celebrating each other as their names are called, sophomore Sean Figueroa and junior Westin Waters stand alongside the other varsity football players at Meet the Raider Aug. 19.

Rallying Raiders

writer: Ryah Hill, Staff Reporter
September 1, 2021
Main event \ Marching at the first-ever Fine Arts Half Time Show, senior Brayden Judge lines up to perform the halftime show: Hamilton. Due to football game cancellations, the marching band performed for the very first time Oct. 16. It seemed like it honestly could never work considering all of the unknowns about the virus,” Judge said.

[PHOTO] Band together

February 9, 2021
Walk in silence \\ Participating in the “Silent Truth” day, juniors Ashleigh Bycott, Ryah Hill and Redieat Samson take a day of silence in honor of Red Ribbon Week and the effects of drugs on teenagers. Student Council hosted the event, inviting organizations all around the school to participate by asking several of their members to go silent. “It was such a difficult thing to do, especially coming from a chatty person, but it made it much more significant to understand the true effects drugs can have on anyone.”

The silent truth

writer: Ryah Hill, Staff Reporter
November 20, 2020
Crowning moment \\ Senior Jada Hahs is crowned as the senior homecoming princess Oct. 7 at the coronation ceremony following the homecoming parade. Senior Clayton Ensley was crowned senior prince. Due to an outbreak of positive COVID-19 cases among the football players, the homecoming football game was cancelled for the first time ever.

Raider Royalty: ‘Rona style

writer: Ryah Hill, Staff Reporter
October 10, 2020
Mask market \\ Showing off her recent hobby, local resident Jill Sheffler displays her DIY masks to give to nurses and those in need during the Covid-19 pandemic. “I loved being
creative and gifting to others,” Sheffler said.

Mask on; mask off 

writer: Ryah Hill, Staff Reporter
April 21, 2020
Healthy home \ Sophomore Ryah Hill uses a dumbell to show different ways students can exercise and stay healthy from their home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Makeshift muscles

writer: Ryah Hill, Staff Reporter
April 3, 2020
Señora surprises \\ Taking in her moment of joy, Spanish teacher and winner of teacher of the year accepts her new title and gifts from the school board and staff. “I am honored and overwhelmed with gratitude to be acknowledged as the Wylie East Teacher of the Year,” Mrs. Mathis said.

School celebrates faculty top honors

writer: Ryah Hill, Staff Reporter
February 7, 2020
English excitements // Explaining Edgar Allan Poe’s short story, English III teacher Mrs. Elizabeth Simmons shares her favorite short story to her first period class Oct. 30 in honor of the last day of Teen-Tober. Teen-Tober, hosted by the librarians, encouraged teen reading around the school. “Poe is a master of the macabre, so what a better time to delve into his work than Halloween?” Simmons said.

Simmons’ scary stories

writer: Ryah Hill, Staff Reporter
November 8, 2019
Snip snip \\ Posing their new looks, junior Hayze Gore (second from the left) and his four friends enjoy the feel of the fresh air on their heads after a new shave in support for their friend battling cancer.

What’s the buzz?

writer: Ryah Hill, Staff Reporter
October 11, 2019
Golden moment \\ Waiting for the next play, varsity football players sport their new yellow stickers on the back of their helmet Sept. 6 at the Gold Out game. Players placed these stickers on the backs of their helmets to honor local victims of pediatric cancer. “I felt like I was really showing support for people who were put in situations they can’t control,” varsity player Collen Covington said.

Go, fight, win the battle

writer: Ryah Hill, Staff Reporter
September 24, 2019
Enjoying his favorite memory of living in Hawaii, young Keoni Hernandez floats around a beach in his old home town. He moved to the states in seventh grade.

Long story short, he’s Keoni Hernandez

writer: Ryah Hill, Staff Reporter
September 16, 2019
Back in focus \\ Writing their first Socratic Seminar, the freshmen in Mrs. Bayron’s Humanities I class learn how to write and participate in seminars Aug. 29. Last years student performance garnered an A Rating from TEA.

Raiders make scholarly state-ment

writer: Ryah Hill, Staff Reporter
August 29, 2019
Leap of faith \\ Attempting to score a point, varsity senior player Judge Harris reaches over Coach Ryan Doudney at the student versus staff basketball game May 14 in the competition gym. Students paid $5 to get a ticket to raise money for the basketball program.

Faculty defeats students in fundraising game

writer: Ryah Hill, Staff Reporter
May 20, 2019
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