Wind Symphony performs at elementary schools


photo credit: Courtesy photo

Holiday flare \\ The Wind Symphony wears their concert black clothes along with Santa hats for their Elementary Christmas tour. They played many holiday songs for all of the elementary kids.

writer: Morgan Clark, Staff Reporter

The Wind Symphony recently traveled to all of the Wylie East feeder elementary schools for their annual elementary tour every year. They dressed in their formal wear but added Santa hats for some holiday flare. 

The tour included the Wind Symphony and a few members of the color guard. They traveled to Cox, Birmingham, Hartman, Watkins, McMillan and Akin. 

“I liked seeing how excited the kids were to see us and hear our music and sing along,” senior Kaelyn Cash said. 

Most of the musicians went back to the elementary school they attended when they were younger. 

“It was really cool seeing my old teachers and it was really interesting seeing the changes that have been made to the school since I left,” senior Emily Cline said. 

I liked seeing how excited the kids were to see us and hear our music and sing along

— Kaelyn Cash, senior

After each song, every instrument had picked out and practiced a section’s feature to show off their instrument to the kids. These songs consisted of Christmas songs, Disney songs and a couple of pop songs. 

“It felt nice knowing that they knew the song that we were playing and I loved it when they sang along,” Cline said. 

The band was very fortunate to be able to travel to the schools after having to host the tour virtually last year. They got to perform many concerts for all grades. 

“It was really nice and exciting to see the kids in person,” Cash said. “Last year it was hard because we really didn’t have an audience, but this year we got to see a fun audience reaction.”

This is an annual event for the Wind Symphony and some of the musicians have been going for years now. 

“It’s bittersweet,” Cline said. “I’m sad that I won’t be able to travel around with my friends and perform for people, but at the same time, I’m ready to move on to bigger things.” 

The little kids sang to most of the songs and were very excited to see the different instruments. A fourth-grader from each school was able to go up and conduct the last song of the concert and received the 2021 Pride of the East State T-shirt. 

“My favorite part was seeing not only how happy it made the kids, but how happy it made the teachers,” Cline said. “The kids would be singing along and next to them you could see the teachers singing or dancing along with them, and I think that it’s great that we get to perform a show that is enjoyable to every age.”