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photo credit: Kayla Robertson
Center stage \ Senior Eva Kewley performs as Anastasia Romanov during a dress rehearsal of the theater department’s 2021 fall show, Anastasia.

Student Spotlight:

Part of “living your dash” is making new friends. Get to know your fellow classmates with Blue Print’s newest series: The Dashboard.

Newspaper staff members will introduce a student to Raider Nation by profiling them in this new series each week.

Rising star
Stunning Stippler
The Cheerful Captain
Sunday School Teacher
Head of the team
Going solo
Inner voice
Picture this
Keeper of the goals
One putt
Making a racket
A helpful drum major
A lawyer in the making
Virtual learner longs for face-to-face instruction
A cheerful tee-shirt designer
Flag this artist
This tennis player loves to help others
Predecessors made her want to follow in their footsteps
Shining on the field and on her resume
Long story short, he’s Jaron Harbison
Long story short, she’s Liberty Henry
Long story short, he’s Adrian Diaz.
Long story short, she’s Riley Pearce
Long story short, she’s Akasha Davis
Long story short, she’s Elizabeth Thomas
Long story short, he’s Luis Lopez.
Long story short, he’s Austin Mckinnon
Long story short, she’s Bailey Moody
Long story short, she’s Addie Orr
Long story short, he’s Keoni Hernandez
Long story short, she’s Athena Ensign
Long story short, she’s Jenna Wesson
Meet Peyton Gilligan
Get to know Sheridan Woodrow

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