Senioritis: Its real

Tips and complaints from a senior


photo credit: Courtesy photo

Feels like a broken record \\ Sorting through music records, senior Avery Heist finishes out her final year of high school. With 12 years of hard work finally paying off, Heist graduates along with the rest of the class of 2022 May 28 at the Allen Event center.

writer: Avery Heist, Staff Reporter

Twelve years, plus kindergarten, of homework, tests, quizzes, lectures, AP classes, STAAR and End of Course Exams, naturally when you’re a senior you can get a bit tired. When it comes down to the last few weeks of school, it’s hard to keep momentum going and just get out of bed in the morning. Personally, I’m just ready to get out of high school and get on with my life. 


I’m the baby of the group, most of my closest friends graduated last year. Luckily, they all stuck around close to home so I can still hang out with them, but they have a lot more freedom than I do since they are out of high school. They have more freedom over their schedule and what they want to do with their lives (they have a lot more down time in general). They can decide if they want to take late classes or early morning classes to fit their own life. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been a bit jealous. 


One of the biggest things I’ve been doing to power through my senioritis is to find the little things to look forward to and take the year week by week and day by day. It can feel a bit repetitive but if you can have a little thing to look forward to on friday night or on the weekend it makes the work worth it. I dedicate all my homework to my weekend plans so after working hard all week I can let loose on the weekend and say to myself “I deserved this,” even if it’s going home and just playing video games. Remember, it’s okay to spoil yourself a little. 


Twelve years, plus kindergarten, of changes, weird phases, friendships, drama, good memories and bad memories, work and fun, but it doesn’t end there. Embrace the changes and have fun with the weird phases. Remember hard times will one day be just memories and one day you can look back and laugh. From the last words of a senior: good luck.