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Hannah Hansen

Hannah Hansen, Editor-in-Chief

Hello, everyone! I’m Hannah, this year’s Editor-in-Chief. I am a senior, which is both exhilarating and absolutely terrifying. Outside of newspaper, I am Secretary of National Honor Society, I am the student lead for Wylie Math Tutoring, and I volunteer frequently. Whenever I do manage to have free time, I love reading any and all books, writing short stories, listening to 80s rock, singing along to musicals, and binging whatever show I’m currently obsessed with. This year, I hope to help our staff reach their potential and stretch our horizons as a newspaper. I hope we’ll have a great year!

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Grade school gunmen?

Grade school gunmen?

January 20, 2023
Winner, winner, chicken dinner \\ Calculus students Connor Nance, Caleb Beauchamp, Luke Orr, and Matthew Myers celebrate their first place win in The Quest

Quizzical questing

December 12, 2022
Ms. Lacie Moore had taught at Davis Intermediate School since 2020 as an ELA teacher.

You are my sunshine

September 26, 2022
Top row: Morgan Gore, Jaylee Paredes, and Maggie Volpi
Bottom Row: Gloria Olajimi and Hannah Hansen

Dream Team

August 26, 2022
Space odyssey \\ Sharing with the club, president Aqil Ishaq discusses the recent discovery of a black hole within our galaxy Friday, May 13. As the second ever photographed black hole, this presents an opening into understanding the mystery-shrouded concept of black holes.

Stellar Students

May 13, 2022
Guardian angels \\ Smiling wide, NHS officers present a check to Ms. Kara Shrum, the Corporate Relations Manager for the Collin County Children’s Advocacy Center March 16. “The Children’s Advocacy Center is an agency that works with kids that have experienced abuse or neglect to try and give them a safe place, justice and a helping hand in the healing process,” NHS treasurer Emily Combest said.

Guardian angels

March 28, 2022
Coffee Talk \\ Surprising Mrs. Alicia Kam, junior Nadya Thung hands coffee over as part of NHS’s East Coffee Co. The shop opened to teachers Friday, March 4. “This really shows that NHS cares about the teachers at East,” Thung said. “It also was a great mood lifter for the last day of school before spring break!”

Cups of joy

March 4, 2022
With flying colors \\ The yearbook staff, the Dynasty, was presented with an Award of Distinguished Merit for their 2021 yearbook, Some things never change. “I really liked our theme and how we incorporated our theme throughout the book, and I feel like it was really fitting for that year,” current editor-in-chief Mallory Hatch said. “It was a really fun book to create.”

Reaching for stars

March 2, 2022
Whenever someone says “Girl Scout” what comes to mind? For most people, it’s cute little girls, with front teeth missing or braces, selling cookies door-to-door or in front of the grocery store. Most people don’t picture a high schooler who’s also juggling AP classes and extracurriculars. 
I’ve been a Girl Scout since I was in second grade. My troop, Troop 1241, used to be much bigger. At one point, I remember there being nearly 30 girls in our troop. Now, we’re down to fewer than 10. Most of the girls still in our troop have been there since the beginning.

Tough cookie to sell

February 11, 2022
Zero to hero \\ Using analogies of heroes and villains, Mrs. McKenna Tooke gives juniors a speech about deciding between good and bad. She was the guest speaker at the ring ceremony Nov. 1.

Setting the stage

November 15, 2021
Crash course \ A student driver crashed into the side of the IMPAC building Tuesday afternoon Oct. 5. No one was injured in the accident.

Impact on the IMPAC

November 1, 2021
Quick study \ Students received study guides to help them prepare for the upcoming PSATs. Students will take it at school Oct. 26.

Test of time

October 18, 2021
Professionally speaking \\ Broadway performer Christy Altomare directs seniors Tyler Seymour and Eva Kewley as they perform Still and The Neva Flows for the production of Anastasia Sept. 29. “It meant a lot for her to be here because she achieved the dream that a lot of young actors and actresses strive for and just never achieve,” junior Crei Pierson said.

Stealing the show

October 8, 2021
Senior Jessica Sadberry
He is a Ball Python. I love reptiles and have never had one before this so I thought it’d be a fun challenge. His name is Blue and I named him that because in Jurassic Park there’s a pterodactyl named Blue and I thought it fit considering his eyes are blue. I’ve had him for 3 years. He likes to cuddle with my cat and I.

Man’s best friends

April 11, 2021
Helping hands \\ Giving a teacher her lunch, senior Bradley Davidson helps to pass out baked potatoes as a part of the Takin’ Taters event for his Practicum of Human Services class, taught by Coach BJ Smith Jan. 28.

Hot potatoes

February 23, 2021
Chain reaction  Explaining from the comforts of his living room, Mr. Vito Peri teaches his seventh period PAP chemistry class Feb. 9. Quarantined due to COVID-19 contact tracing, he returns to in-person teaching Feb 12.

[PHOTO] Biohazard Boss

February 23, 2021
To the office \\ The counselors offices are located in room 319 along the main hallway. Students can make an appointment through Mrs. Ragsdale to see their counselor.

Back to basics

January 25, 2021
Eye on the prize // Watching his opponent, sophomore Lane Duncan competes against the Mckinney North varsity tennis team Oct. 20.

Making a racket

December 15, 2020
High fliers // Juniors Bailey Causey and Heath Hadley were recently accepted into NASAs Texas High School Aerospace Scholars Program.

Two infinity and beyond

December 4, 2020
Lights; camera; action // Going over their last test data, Spanish II teacher Lisa Crosthwait reviews with her PAP Spanish II class on what she was looking for in their answers Sept. 18.

Change of scenes

September 21, 2020
Made with love \\ Making paper goods, transition to life students sell their products to build life skills. Handmade Creations had its grand opening Sept. 19. They are open to the public every Thursday from 9 a.m. to noon at 102B 300 Pirate Drive.

From hearts to hands

October 29, 2019
To dye for \\ FASE students tie-dyed t shirts and socks for the spirit-themed day. They gifted the shirts to the assistant principals. “The shirts are all unique, and I think that’s representative of everyone at this school,” assistant principal Angela Arp said.

Showing true colors

September 26, 2019
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