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Valeria Herrera

Valeria Herrera, Staff Reporter

WOO! Sen19r year is finally here!

My name is Vale and this is my second and sadly last year on staff. I like to see things in a positive way rather than viewing everything in black and grey. Some see it as a weakness or underestimate me for my perspective but if someone messes with my me…. Let's just say I don't keep quiet and become extremely petty. I have a huge passion for writing and photography so journalism is the best of both worlds! After graduation I plan to major in Mass Communications and Journalism at UTD! #GoComets. I hope to become a news anchor or a political journalist. That's about it for now. Spread the love y’all!

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Daisy Gonzalez - U.S. Navy
“I chose the Navy because I wanted the experience and discipline,” senior Daisy Gonzalez said. “I love the idea of living on the sea and traveling the world. What I hope to do in the Navy is to become a Hospital Corpsman, where their specialty is medical. I would be able to provide first aid, go on humanitarian missions, work in Navy hospitals around the world, and so many other things. My favorite senior memory would probably have to be when I went on my College Club trip to West Texas. My friends and I got to spend the night in a hotel and it was just super fun. After my time in the military, I plan to work in a hospital near home, start a family, and just live life.”photo credit: Valeria Herrera

Moving on

writer: Valeria Herrera, Staff Reporter
May 15, 2019
Golden retriever // After four years art and entering various art competitions, senior and AP Art student Olivia Scott received the greatest award of all: her watercolor art piece was chosen to hang in the Governors office next spring. “Sometimes your art turns out poorly and sometimes it turns out amazing,” Scott said. “But you can’t have amazing art without having to go through the bad pieces too. Everyone has their own style and all art is different so dont be afraid to practice being different.”

Top dog

writer: Valeria Herrera, Staff Reporter
March 28, 2019
All in // Backing up the line, senior Mateo Andrew Duran plays defense during a varsity football scrimmage against Flower Mound in August. “During the summer I would work a lot,” Duran said. “All the money I would make in the summer, I would balance it out during football season.” Mateo is a father and an athlete. “I would work weekends and certain days during the week. It was hard, but I was able to manage.”

Child’s play

writer: Valeria Herrera, Staff Reporter
February 26, 2019
Joy for Jen // After thanking everyone for the donations received from the jeans fundraiser to offset medical costs, multimedia teacher Mrs. Jennifer Holcomb, embraces her son, Dylan Ashley, who had designed a special shirt just for her. “I am so grateful for all of the support I have received. I have read every note of encouragement that students and staff have sent me, and I treasure them,” Mrs. Holcomb said.

Jeans for Jen

January 20, 2019
Sample contestants chili at the chili cook off Jan. 25 in the rubber gym for $5.

[PHOTO] Dig in

January 25, 2019
Girl power \\ Freshman Zoe Harbison is one of only two girls to ever play football at this school.

Tackling stereotypes

writer: Valeria Herrera, Staff Reporter
October 22, 2018
Turner turns it up \\ During the school’s first Rush Week hosted by student council, the Raider Records club looked for new members by advertising what they had to offer. This new organization, sponsored by Mr. Levi Turner, is another way for students to express themselves. “I’m excited to see what this club does for students music wise,” Turner said.

For the record

writer: Valeria Herrera, Staff Reporter
September 17, 2018
Overspirited \ Waiting for the judges with the other finalists, these students displayed their school spirit with the latest fashion trend. Spirit overalls and jeans are all the craze because each pair is different due to personal touches each student adds.

Gettin’ spirit on

September 4, 2018
Making history \\
Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is not seen as just “another school shooting.” Student survivors are fighting to make change. Now high schools across the nation are protesting and backing them up

Be realistic

February 16, 2018
Photo provided by MOXIE.

Not so Sriracha

writer: Valeria Herrera, Staff Reporter
October 24, 2017
On and off // Junior Kelsey Pierce helps out football player Zachary Young on the sidelines during a Frisco Scrimmage Game. Photo by Whitney Tobias.

Field through their eyes

writer: Valeria Herrera, Staff Reporter
October 13, 2017
Bridging relatives

Bridging relatives

writer: Valeria Herrera, Staff Reporter
September 17, 2017
Not so welcome \\ Immigrants voice concerns about new administrations immigration policy.

Trump impact

writer: Valeria Herrera, Staff Reporter
February 14, 2017
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