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Valerie Msafiri

Valerie Msafiri, Video Editor

I’m finally a senior! Yay! I’ve done this gig for four years now, and I couldn't be more happy with where I am. Since my last name is apparently hard to pronounce, you won’t have to guess how to read it in your head as you read this beautifully constructed bio. HI :) I’m Valerie Msafiri (mm- sA- fi-ri) or Msafari or Msafire… you get the idea. That’s probably the most interesting thing about me, but I bet I can make you laugh at least once in a conversation. No, seriously, DM me on Twitter (@kingg.val). So according to my mom, “school is my life,” but while I’m not being a senior and doing school stuff, like reading, writing, or studying, you can find me at home...reading, writing or studying. I’m also a devout music connoisseur, and any chance I get, I will have headphones in. I’m involved in so many other clubs on campus, but none of them hold true to my heart as this one. Enjoy :)

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Valerie Msafiri