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New classes offered next year


photo credit: Brianna Kim

To the office \\ The counselors’ offices are located in room 319 along the main hallway. Students can make an appointment through Mrs. Ragsdale to see their counselor.

writer: Hannah Hansen, Editor-in-Chief

Students begin to choose classes for next year in a different way, due to COVID-19 precautions.

The process for adding new classes involves several steps. If it isn’t already offered, it usually begins with a teacher who wants to teach it and is qualified to teach it, or through extended student interest. New classes also have to tie into an endorsement and must go through the school board.

“New programs can take a year or two to actually be offered,” head counselor Mandy Coers said. “Because they have to go from the principal of the school through the school board so they can evaluate cost, student interest and other factors.”

Previously referred to as endorsements or career paths, students must also select a program of study to follow in order to graduate. As the Texas Education Agency (TEA) changes these programs of study, they also change the names of classes.

“It’s like branches,” Mrs. Coers said. “There can be one program of study, but within that, there can be several different branches for students to follow.”

As students choose their classes, they have several online resources available to them. Released by grade level, they receive a list of all available classes, an academic planning guide, which has course descriptions included, and the general information for graduation requirements.

“Everyone enters their schedule based on what they want on a Google Form,” Mrs. Coers said. “Then, every student meets one-on-one with their counselor and reviews their course selections, making adjustments if they need to.”

Furthermore, due to COVID-19, this year’s I Have A Plan night, where incoming freshmen have a meet and greet with different classes and clubs suited to their program of study, is virtual. Counselors will visit the junior highs to schedule incoming freshmen the week of Feb. 1.

“The virtual I Have A Plan night will walk students through different programs of study and clubs,” Mrs. Coers said. “It will have videos of students, where they talk about the class or club and share their personal experiences with it.”

As students choose classes for next year, there are going to be some new classes added to their options. Some new classes are:

  • AP English III
  • Debate I
  • AP European History
  • Ethnic Studies: African American Studies
  • Ethnic Studies: Mexican American Studies
  • Dual Credit Biology
  • Astronomy
  • Advanced Animal Science
  • Dual Credit Trigonometry/PreCalculus
  • Dual Credit College Algebra/Statistics
  • Dual Credit Business Math/Business Calculus
  • AP Art History
  • Agriculture Leadership, Research, and Communications
  • Advanced Floral Design
  • Advertising
  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing II
  • Marketing
  • Business Management
  • Securities and Investment
  • HVAC Technology II
  • Foundations of Cybersecurity
  • Web Technologies
  • Cybersecurity Capstone
  • Advanced Culinary Arts
  • Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness
  • Video Game Programming
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Introduction to Engineering Design PLTW
  • Engineering Science
  • Civil Engineering and Architecture