Born to play soccer

Freshmen best friends make varsity soccer team


photo credit: Hannah Hansen

On the ball \\ Freshman Bryn Geppert plays against Royse City Jan. 8. The freshman on varsity helped the team defeat the Bulldogs 4-0. “I like the challenge of being on varsity and it’s overall super fun,” Geppert said.

writer: Ellie Eason, journalism student

 They may be four years younger than their teammates, but these two freshman best friends crush the field on the varsity soccer team, age doesn’t matter when you have skill. 

“The upperclassmen are very welcoming and always make sure to take the freshmen under their wing,” freshman Bryn Geppert said. 

Geppert loves playing on the varsity team with her best friend, Raegan Hollis. 

“I have known Bryn since August and we have been so close ever since, it’s so fun being on a team with her,” Hollis said.

The varsity team is currently undefeated.

“Considering it’s my first year of high school soccer, I’ve played well and have had a lot of playing time so far,” Geppert said. 

Geppert is also in club soccer outside of school and has played soccer for years now.

“I grew up in a soccer family and I’ve been playing soccer since I was four years old,” Geppert said.

Geppert and Hollis have a lot of fun on varsity and wouldn’t want to play on any other team. 

“I like the challenge of being on varsity and it’s overall super fun,” Geppert said.

Varsity’s next game is Feb. 24 at 5:30 at Denison.

“I’m excited to see where we end up this year, and even if we don’t win [state], it has been a great season,” Geppert said.