Showing true colors

FASE students make shirts for APs


photo credit: Jessica Sadberry

To dye for \\ FASE students tie-dyed t shirts and socks for the spirit-themed day. They gifted the shirts to the assistant principals. “The shirts are all unique, and I think that’s representative of everyone at this school,” assistant principal Angela Arp said.

writer: Hannah Hansen, Editor-in-Chief

They don’t want to talk about the socks. The shirts, however, they are more than happy to chat about.

Last Tuesday, the Functional Academics in a Structured Environment class made tie-dye shirts for themselves and the assistant principals for Friday’s tie-dye themed spirit day.

“I really enjoyed it,” junior William Gullett said.

After the shirts were made, the students gave them to Principal Mike Williams, who then gifted them to the APs.

“I was really excited,” Assistant Principal Angela Arp said. “I think it was their way of participating and promoting the school.”

While they weren’t happy that the socks didn’t turn out the way they had hoped, the students were proud of the way their shirts ended up, even though it was a very messy job. The main color of dye they used was blue, which ended up everywhere. 

“Our fingers looked like a Smurf,” Gullett said.

Mrs. Arp expressed her gratefulness for the time and effort the FASE students put into the shirts.

“The shirts are all unique, and I think that’s representative of everyone at this school,” she said.