Students surprised with letter jackets in class


Fits like a glove \\ Surprising sophomore Teniya Williams, Coach Elizabeth Simmons celebrates her tennis player’s accomplishments with her letter jacket. “I did this in front of the general population so they can see how exciting this is,” Coach Simmons said.

writer: Hannah Hansen, Editor-in-Chief

An ordinary day in class turned into an unforgettable surprise for four students Aug. 31.

Tennis coach Elizabeth Simmons decided to surprise four of her varsity tennis students by presenting them their letter jackets in one of their own classes.

“It’s an exciting way to honor tennis players for all the hard work they’ve put into earning their jackets,” Coach Simmons said.

Coach Simmons traveled around the school during third period, astonishing each student as she walked into their classes to present them their jackets in front of their classmates. 

“I want to celebrate my players and their accomplishments,” Coach Simmons said. “I do this in front of their classmates so they can see how exciting it is.”

Coach Simmons presented jackets to senior Ashton Farris, senior Eva Kewley, junior Lane Duncan and sophomore Teniya Williams.

“Receiving my letterman was a super awesome feeling,” Duncan said. “It really solidified the work it took to achieve it.”

To earn a jacket, tennis players must play two seasons, or two school years, of varsity tennis, back-to-back.

“I’m very grateful to have gotten a chance to play tennis for our school and even more grateful to have something to show for it,” Duncan said. 

The next varsity tennis match is scheduled for Sep. 14 against Rock Hill at home.

“These players mean the world to me,” Coach Simmons said.