Man’s best friends

Senior Jessica Sadberry “He is a Ball Python. I love reptiles and have never had one before this so I thought it’d be a fun challenge. His name is Blue and I named him that because in Jurassic Park there’s a pterodactyl named Blue and I thought it fit considering his eyes are blue. I’ve had him for 3 years. He likes to cuddle with my cat and I.”

writer: Hannah Hansen, Editor-in-Chief

April 11 is National Pet Day. The student body has a variety of different pets and pet owners who’d like to show off their furry, or scaly, bestie.

Junior Hailey Gummelt
“I have a dog. I decided on it because I grew up with dogs and learned to love them. We named it precious after a dog my dad knew and loved named Precious. I’ve had her for five months now. She jumps like a deer and acts like a cat which is funny.”
Junior Macie Delgato
“I have a red heeler and a black lab. We didn’t decide on them, they chose us. The black lab is named Tiara because we liked the named Princess, but it was too common. And the red healer is Cafe because she’s hyper and crazy, like she’s running on a bunch of caffeine. We’ve had Tiara for 12 years and Cafe for 5 years. Tiara’s eyes used to go separate ways when she was little, and Cafe showed up randomly and was an unexpected addition to the family.”
Junior Ryah Hill
“I have two cats. My family has always been cat lovers, ever since my parents were little and had cats. My parents told my brother and I to choose something special to us and name them after that, my brother was obsessed with the video game, Zelda, and named her after that. And I was and still am obsessed with Harry Potter so I named my cat Luna after Luna Lovegood! We’ve had them ever since I was in third grade. They’re sisters, one has diabetes, one fetches like a dog and has caught over 30 birds.”
Junior Campbell Andrews
“I have two black labs. They were the last from their litter. We named them Bo and Gus after doing a family vote. We thought the names fit their personalities. We’ve had them for one year. They can both open doors.”
Junior Ashleigh Bycott
“I have a Husky. My family has always loved huskies and thought they were really cool and pretty, so we decided to get one of our own. My parents and older sisters decided on Koda, but I didn’t love the name at the time. We’ve had them about 4 years now. He talks a lot and especially when he gets in trouble, so it almost seems like he’s arguing.”
Sophomore Gracie Roper
“He’s a Sun Conure. I love birds and he was adorable. Timmy, because it was cute and simple. I’ve had him for 3 years. He can lift his foot to say hello and he loves to dance. He even has a bicycle, but he is afraid of it.”
Sophomore Connor Nance
“She’s a cat. Cats are way quieter and easier than dogs. Her name is Splash and we named her that because when we were driving home after picking her up, it was pouring and my dad was suggesting names. He (jokingly) suggested rain related names such as drip, drop, puddle, etc. and for whatever reason that made sense to our 2-4 or so year old brains, Splash was the name for her. We’ve had her for quite a long time now, I don’t remember exactly what year but it’s been probably 12 to 14 years. When we got her from the vet, they had called her “Harrietta Potter” because the brown spot on top of her head reminded them of Harry Potter’s scar.”
Senior Connor Compton
“She’s a Bullmastiff/BullDog. She was only $125 and super cute. Freya because it’s the name of a female warrior and she’s a big girl. A little over a year. Bullmastiffs have the strongest jaws out of all breeds and I learned that when she ripped my nose open at only 2 months old.”
Senior Warren Levenhagen
“He’s a Lab/Great Dane. He was cute and tiny and we had just lost our old lab so we wanted a new dog. His name is Zen because ever since we got him he has been so calm. I’ve had him 3 years. He loves to sit in people’s laps but the problem is, is that he’s over 100 pounds.”
Senior Jessica Sadberry
“He is a Ball Python. I love reptiles and have never had one before this so I thought it’d be a fun challenge. His name is Blue and I named him that because in Jurassic Park there’s a pterodactyl named Blue and I thought it fit considering his eyes are blue. I’ve had him for 3 years. He likes to cuddle with my cat and I.”
Senior Anna Aguilar
“She’s a Maltese Mix. She actually decided on us when she ran up to us in the boba parking lot, so we kind of just took her home. Her name is Kalessi and we got the name from Game of Thrones because the person has white hair and so does the dog. We’ve had her about a month . She has to be treated like a baby and she sleeps in a baby bed.”
Sophomore Emily Jeffreys
“He’s a french bulldog. My mom wanted him. We’ve had him for a year and a half. His name is Oliver (Ollie) Garett and our family agreed on his name. He loves to play fetch”
Coach Wheeler
“They’re Australian Shepherds. They are the cutest dogs in the whole world. Hondo and Rhett because I like western names and Rhett was after Thomas Rhett the singer. I’ve had them for 5 years. My white one (Hondo) needs sunglasses in the sun since he has sensitive eyes.”
Senior Hector Elizando
“She’s a Red Nose Pit mixed with a French Mastiff. My other dog passed away so my dad wanted to get another one. Her name is Zoey because Zoey means life and we were at a sad point. We’ve had her for 3 years. She has an underbite and smiles a lot and she’s the runt from her litter.”
Sophomore Abigail Roberts
“This is my cat. He has no tail and I thought that was cool. His name is Jax,my mom chose it. I’ve had him 2 years. He was born with no tail because he is part bobcat.”
Sophomore Macey Norris
“I have a puppy who is a golden doodle. My family has always loved golden retrievers ever since our last dog, but they shed a lot so we went with a golden doodle. We named her Waffles because my family thought it was a very unique name, and I thought it was really funny. We got her in November 2020, so about 5 months. She’s super calm around people which is super rare for a puppy!”
Junior Suzie Martinez
“I have a dog and he is half black lab half german sheperd. Dogs are very kind and compassionate and cute. His name is Tucker and it was just a cute name we thought of. We’ve had him for 3 years. He knows how to shake hands.”
Senior Alexia Orta
“She’s a Border collie & husky mix. A friend couldn’t keep her anymore. Her name was already zala
I’ve had her a little over a year. She loves to howl.”
Senior Jamie Gammon
“He’s a French Bulldog. He was from a family friend. Gumbo, he’s a french bulldog but he is from the south so we wanted to name him a cajun dish. I’ve had him almost 2 months. He loves frozen broccoli.”
Sophomore Tori Thedford
“He’s a chicken. He’s actually really entertaining, and lays mini eggs. His name is Stanley after the character in “The Office”. I’ve had Stan for about a year. Stanley is a she, I didn’t know that when we first got him so I always refer to Stanley as a him.”
Junior Laken Dillon
“He’s a cat. We got him because my dad is obsessed with cats. His name is Tuna because one time we were at the vet and the vet asked his name. My dad panicked and said Tuna because all of our other cats names have been Kitty and he didn’t want to seem like a bad pet owner. We’ve had him almost a year, I think. Sometimes he begs for food like a dog and he will eat almost anything.”
Junior Gracie Tower
“I have a Shih Tzu. Out of all the puppies, he was the most playful. We named him Baker after Baker Mayfield. We’ve had him for four months and he’s about seven months old. He will chew on anything in sight.”
Junior Naomi Rodriguez
“I have a dog. Dogs are sweet, loving and just amazing. His name is Tucker and my dad chose it. We’ve had him for 6 years. He really only likes boys dogs.”