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Popping pills kills academic skills

Popping pills kills academic skills

Liz Harkins, journalism student

The issue of drug use or possession on school campuses nowadays is one of the top 10 reasons why high school students receive bad grades or even drop out of education. Th...

March 29, 2017No Comments

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Sapphire leaders shine through

Sapphire leaders shine through

Addie Orr, Journalism Student

tAfter three dances, two interviews and week long tryout process, 17 Sapphire officer and sergeant candidates were narrowed down to six lieutenants, five sergeants and...

May 18, 2017No Comments

Saving lives one course at a time

Saving lives one course at a time

Zoe Villegas, Staff Reporter

Course after course throughout the whole school year has led up to this moment for students in Mr. David Lanman’s class. Eighty-Five students in Law Enforcement too...

May 12, 2017No Comments

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Class Meetings
Class Meetings are Aug. 22 in the auditorium. 9th-10:10 10th- 1:00 11th –3:45 12th –12:00 Report to your class and your teacher will escort you down.

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All online forms must be completed by Sept. 9, after that date all forms must be completed as hard copies on the campus by the parent or guardian.

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See your name in lights! Would you like to ‘Shout Out’ a birthday message for everyone to see? Sign up to use the Wylie East Marquee. Your birthday message will run continuously from Friday to Friday. Each message costs $20. Proceeds go to the senior class. To order and schedule your Wylie East marquee announcement, visit Questions? Contact [email protected]

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The news site of Wylie East High School
The news site of Wylie East High School