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Maggie Volpi, Staff reporter

Hello! I'm Maggie, and this year I'm a staffer for BluePrint. Last year I was in the intro to journalism class so you might've seen a few of my stories on BluePrint, but this year I'm thrilled to be an official part of the team! Some of my favorite things include oversized sweaters, coffee ice cream, and rainy weather. I also play the flute and have a passion for writing. If you see me in the hallway and I look annoyed, I promise that's just my resting face and that I'm actually pretty friendly, so don't be afraid to say hi!

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To hell and back \\ Watching over the Humanities II sixth period student’s project, a life-size depiction of Satan towers over the ninth circle of hell. In Dante’s interpretation of hell, Satan has three heads and is half-way stuck in ice.

Into the Inferno

December 1, 2022


October 6, 2022
Treat yourself

Treat yourself

April 26, 2022
Center stage \\\ Senior Eva Kewley performs as Anastasia Romanov during a dress rehearsal of the theater department’s 2021 fall show, Anastasia.

Rising star

December 14, 2021
Girl power \\ Freshman Nicole Soto holds her own on the freshman football team. “I started playing football because everyone was saying that I couldn’t, that there was no place for females in the sport,” Soto said. “I really wanted to prove them wrong.”

Next girl up

November 11, 2021
To the brim \\ Stop supporting fast fashion. SHEIN is cheaply manufactured. Its low prices contribute to an influx of sales which in turn causes landfills to overfill.

Fast fashion dispassion

October 28, 2021
Tea time \\ Boba tea enthusiast Maggie Volpi shares her experience with the sweet drink to help you discover the best fit for your taste.

Spilling the tea

September 28, 2021
Sweet spot \\ Freshman Ann Dardy participates in Diversity Clubs first social event of the year. “[Being in the club] has gotten me out of my shell. Im more comfortable talking to new people, and Im more comfortable sharing my pronouns because I know I wont be judged,” Dardy said.

Inside scoop

September 20, 2021
Senior Hanna Harmon performs as a soloist in the 2018 POTE marching show Conquered. 

Going solo

August 24, 2021
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Maggie Volpi