Live it, spin it


photo credit: Ava Garza

Pose \\ Striking a pose for the end of this year’s marching band show Re:Imagine, senior Obosa Odia looks out to the audience and drum major to wait for her cue to start the next movement.

writer: Jaylee Paredes, Staff Reporter

She’s on the Royals colorguard team. She won Homecoming queen. Her favorite color is yellow. She loves Powerade, and her favorite tv show is Chowder. Long story short, she’s Obosa Odia. 


How do you balance your extracurriculars, school, and social life?

TimeTree online calendar! Without this handy dandy app, I wouldn’t remember half of the stuff I gotta complete through the week. Blue Poweraid also helps to keep me moving 😉


What is an activity or club that you wish you would’ve picked up or joined in high school?

I really wish I had participated in theater. I love being able to watch their performances and make such close lifelong bonds while entertaining everyone. We also have such an outstanding program it would have been a once-in-a-lifetime experience even if I don’t want to continue into my career.


What type of advice would you give to freshmen or new students?

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Staying stuck in your shell will make your high-school experience go way faster, and I promise you it does go fast. Go out and get active, make new friends, and do what you gotta do to have fun.


What’s been your favorite memory from senior year so far, and why?

My favorite memory would have to be the Crosstown Showdown. It was the most energetic football game that I’ve experienced in my four years at East. I was also given the opportunity to sit by the track, and it was just a more personal, up-close perspective of the game. I think I learned how football works that day, lol.


Who or what inspires you?

My parents are my biggest inspiration. Everything I do and everything I have ever achieved is in hopes of making them proud and to provide a better future for not only me but also them.


What’s next for you?

I plan on attending a 4-year university to earn my MBA in marketing!


 In a dash-

Go-to fast food place: McDonald’s

Favorite album release: SOS by SZA

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Favorite animal: Giraffe 

Biggest pet peeve: Unnecessary yelling (pipe down!)