Ready Raider Readers

TAFE students help with math lessons 

photo credit: Ava Rhodes
Great pyramid \\ Working with kindergarteners from Birmingham Elementary, Kayla Robinson shows kids how to add and subtract by taking away and adding back 10 cups.

writer: Jaylee Paredes, Staff Reporter

Raider Readers is a program that TAFE, Teachers Associate of Future Educators, members lead twice a month at a local feeder elementary school. TAFE student volunteers, led by Teaching & Training chair Bella Bogard, plan and implement small lessons for the students in the class or classes they work with that year.

The goal of that committee is to tutor and become a positive influence to younger students.

— Mrs. Taylor

“This year they are actually creating small math lessons since the time they are there is during math time,” TAFE sponsor Mrs. Jill Hill said. “In the past, they read to the students and did a reading extension activity, which is where the name Raider Readers originated. But it now just stands for a time when our TAFE students work with elementary students on activities for any subject that the teacher requests.”

The first group of students to start this activity was with Mrs. Peri’s class at Akin Elementary in 2010. Raider Readers began to grow more after this and became a tradition that both elementary students and high school students love. 

“The goal of that committee is to tutor and become a positive influence to younger students,” counselor Mrs. Jessica Taylor said. 

Mrs. Taylor began the TAFE program at this school prior to Mrs. Hill taking it over.