District shuts down unofficial online platforms


photo credit: Braelyn Wiest

Sneaky snapshot \\ Capturing the moment, junior Zack Dorsey takes a picture of fellow classmate, senior TJ Garvin, “sleeping” in class.

From sleeping to bathroom feet, the trending unofficial school Instagram accounts traveling nationwide have made their way to Wylie. 

Superintendent Dr. David Vinson addressed the issue in his recent email to the parents of students.

We do not condone and will not tolerate such behavior.

— Dr. David Vinson, superintendent

“We are aware of the numerous anonymous accounts that misuse school logos and feature students sleeping, eating, walking and more,” Dr. Vinson said, “While this may sound innocent, many posts intentionally target and make fun of others, and accounts often post photos of students without their consent.” 

These social media accounts have been removed from all platforms. Investigations have been performed by law enforcement in the area. The owners of these accounts have faced disciplinary actions. 

Hundreds of students’ photos have been posted on these accounts. Even photos of teachers have been submitted to these social media pages. 

“I feel betrayed, it’s so wrong,” Basketball Coach Matt Langer said. “You can’t be posting me, I was just sleeping in my chair.” 

Students disagree with the opinions of staff and administration when it comes to banning these accounts.  

“We are in high school,” sophomore Ray Lopez said. “People shouldn’t get butthurt about being posted.”

Even though students feel like these accounts brighten the mood during a typical school day, the administration is the ultimate deciding factor.

“We do not condone and will not tolerate such behavior,” Dr. Vinson said.