Raider Records’ music video featured on WFAA

Student artists make music video

Raider Records

writer Braydon Pyles, Staff Reporter

Musicians in the new Raider Records class had a musical idea on how to explain this year’s district theme: Riding for the Brand. 

Students filmed, starred and sang in a music video, showcasing the first single, which they also wrote the lyrics and music for and performed in. Dressed in their best cowboy attire, members of Raider Nation ham it up in the country and rap combo that was featured on WFAA Channel 8 News.

Riding for the brand means being proud of all the things that make me who you are. It’s what really matters, and I wanted to show that.””

— Jamie Gammon, junior

“You just go out there and do it. It was us just singing along to a nice song which was fun,” junior Carter Pohlmeier said.

Carter performed the main narrative speaking-parts, informing viewers to “Ride for the Brand,” conveying the main tone of the song.

The writing process was done largely by the director of the video, Digital Audio Teacher Mr. Levi Turner, who is the patron of Raider Records, and who orchestrated most of the video’s production. 

“I love the recording process, just listening to singers sing and rappers rap,” Turner said.

Junior Jamie Gammon performs the main vocals. The most constraining part of the filming process, according to Gammon, was the blistering heat.

“It was really freaking hot during filming,” she said, “but being proud of all the things that make you who you are, is what really matters, and I wanted to show that.”

Raider Records classes are currently planning a huge festival set for the spring that will showcase student musicians.