Punk-rock, preppy, pop show

Choir performs at the annual pop show


photo credit: John Olajimi

My wonder walker \\ Bringing down the mood with a heartfelt ballad and gentle guitar strums, sophomore Henry Walker performs “Wonder Wall” at the annual Pop Show May. 5. “Performing in front of an audience is pretty nerve-wracking, but once you’re on stage, your nerves begin to melt away,” Walker said.

writer: Gloria Olajimi, Copy Editor

Choir held its annual Pop Show at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium on May 11 and May 12. This year’s theme, MTZ Generations, took raiders and raider families on a journey through the ages, singing famous 90s and early 2000s MTV hits.

“My favorite part about performing is the people I am performing with,” Bazaldua said. “I also really love getting to be my full self and go crazy with the energy during each song.”

As Raider entered the auditorium before the performance even began, singers such as sophomore Henry Walker, otherwise known as “Kenry” channeled their inner 90s teenager as they partook in a pre-show meet-and-greet acts featuring the Britany Spears, MC Hammer, Friends and Barbies. 

“To most people playing Ken would’ve felt silly,” Walker said. “But being silly in an environment like the choir feels natural.”

Also performing at the pre-show was student rock band, Lost in October, who performed famous 20th-century rock songs such as “Creep” by Radiohead performed by junior Sofia Dean. 

It was a really immersive and unique experience seeing everyone dancing around among the audience.”

— Arle Casillas, junior

“When I rehearsed with them for the first time it blew my mind how everything came together so nice and when we performed live it was how it all sounded together I loved the most,” Dean said. “I’m so glad I got to show my friends and family that.”

Dressed in their angstiest, preppiest, finest 90s looks, performers at last took the stage, the steps to the stage, and even the audience before the stage– voices dispersed throughout the performance hall, allowing for an engaging audience experience. 

“It was a really immersive and unique experience seeing everyone dancing around among the audience,” junior and audience member Arle Casillas said. 

The Pop Show featured various songs and soloists including junior Anna Congemi hitting Mariah-Carey-falsetto notes as she sang “Fantasy Baby,” senior Madison Bazaldua who pulled at every heartstring in the audience with the ballad “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion, and sophomore Julius Brumfield rocking the Batman costume as he sang “Kiss from a Rose” by Seal. 

“The whole superhero idea didn’t come from me and while the costume was very tight on my entire body, overall I definitely enjoyed playing the character,” Brumfield said. “It was an aesthetically pleasing performance.”

Not only did Julius capture the dark side of Batman, but he also executed the preppy attitude of Nick from the Back Street Boys, one out of the various girl and boy groups who performed. 

“Playing Nick along with the other guys was an overall very funny experience,” Brumfield said. 

As one of the last 2022-2023 showcases from a fine arts program, singers recall their favorite moments from the night. 

“My favorite memory from Pop Show is definitely performing with my friends,” Dean said. “Even backstage we would hype each other up before we went on stage and we’re all pretty close so it’s so much fun every time. 

After a series of full-group numbers, the show closed with the ABBA’s “Thank You For the Music” and students were met with a vigorous applause from a satisfied audience.

“This pop show was way better than I could have even imagined and a perfect way to wrap up my time in the WEHS choir program,” Bazaldua said. “It was my favorite pop show to be a part of.”