A positive case

New staff takes over for week


photo credit: Katie Borchetta

Super subs \ Walking the halls during passing periods, superintendent Dr. David Vinson and Dr. Kim Spicer, take over for the school’s administrative team who were exposed to COVID-19 coronavirus the week of Nov. 30.

writer: Katie Borchetta, Staff Reporter

After students and faculty filled their stomachs with turkey and other food, everyone returned to school following their week-long break…. well, not everyone. 

Over the Thanksgiving holiday break, all members of the administrative staff tested positive for COVID-19 coronavirus, which prohibited them from coming back to school. 

Absent from school were principal Tiffany Doolan, associate principal Adam Jacobson, and assistant principals Angela Arp, Diana Caldwell, Kris Cravens and Karrie George. 

My absolute favorite thing about subbing at Wylie East was being around the students. I also enjoyed reconnecting with many former colleagues and friends who I haven’t seen in several years.

— Casey Whittle, former WEHS assistant principal

The principals returned to school sporadically between Dec. 3-7. All members of the staff who got the coronavirus experienced symptoms. It seems they contracted it Thursday before Thanksgiving break.

 “I think we got it by attending both the volleyball game and the football game, even though everyone was wearing face coverings,” Mrs. Doolan said.

 The members of the staff had a mandatory quarantine of two weeks after they were exposed to the virus. A whole week of school commenced without the presence of the administrative team. 

A team of superintendents and previous East faculty stepped up and filled the administrative team’s shoes during their absence.

This substitute staff included WISD superintendent Dr. David Vinson, Scott Winn, assistant superintendent for student services, Dr. Kim Spicer, deputy superintendent, Jill Vasquez, director of special services, Casey Whittle, assistant superintendent for human resources, Melissa Hefty, director of recruitment and retention, Amanda Martin, director for The Wylie Way and counseling services, Belinda Feuerbacher, special services coordinator, Stephen Davis, executive director of secondary education, Joei Shermer,  executive director of elementary curriculum,  Maricela Helm, executive director of student services, Lee Hattaway,  director of professional development and instructional technology, Reggie Bibb, director of diversity and inclusion, and Amy Andrews, district counseling coordinator.

The superintendent crew took over all the principals’ tasks. 

They even ran December Santa deliveries to teachers like Coach Matt Langer and Mrs. Kristy Raymond and just walked the halls to keep the school running efficiently. 

“I am so grateful for having them come over…even though Dr. Vinson was being silly in my office and was making fun of my sparkle,” Mrs. Doolan said. 

Former English teacher, coach, and administrator at the school, Mr. Whittle was excited to return to his old place of work.

“My absolute favorite thing about subbing at Wylie East was being around the students,” he said. “I also enjoyed reconnecting with many former colleagues and friends who I haven’t seen in several years.”

All principals have returned to campus, happy and healthy as ever.

“I am most proud of the students and teachers for running like normal and this really gives new meaning to our phrase ‘Together we rise,’” Mrs. Doolan said.