Bray wins teacher of the year


photo credit: Caroline Witty

Razzle dazzle \\ An emotional Mrs. Robyn Bray is surprised by Principal Mike Williams and his announcement of her receiving teacher of the year.

writer: Casi Thedford, Adviser

With a stern look on his face and a fierce walk, Principal Mike Williams heads toward the math hallway followed by top district administrators Feb. 12.

Banging on the door of room 926, he suddenly storms into the Algebra II Pre-AP class, screams and shouts soon followed.

Geometry and precalculus teacher Ms. Pauline Cheng rushes into the hallway to see what all of the commotion is.

“She was getting onto them for disrupting her lesson,” senior Caroline Witty said.

Algebra and Calculus teacher Mrs. Robyn Bray was overwhelmed and flabbergasted at the sudden intrusion of her class.

“You won teacher of the year!” Williams shouted as he’s followed into her classroom by other administration.

Applauded by her students, selfies started to ensue.

Each year teachers nominate one of their own to win this prestigious award.

Superintendent Dr. David Vinson and Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum Jeannie Stone were on hand for the big reveal.