Look in a book

Book Club kick starts another year of reading


photo credit: Gloria Olajimi

Spilling the tea \\ Going around the room, book club members share fun facts about themselves at the most recent meeting, Oct. 20. Each meeting consists of book-unpacking, socializing and snack-enjoying.

writer: Gloria Olajimi, Editor-in-Chief

Since the early days of middle school tales from a wimpy kid to the romantic tragedy of a love-sick millionaire, reading has remained a critical necessity throughout students’ academic careers, although less so as a hobby as the world gears toward digital entertainment. However, students disconnect to reconnect over their love of literature in the Book Club. Led by club sponsor and librarian, Ms. Vicki Townsend, the Book Club provides students with a space to read and discuss various types of books. 


“Whether they read on their computer, a magazine, or things on Facebook, reading is reading and will always be important, digital or not,” said Mrs. Townsend. 


Students have to deal with the stress of starting a new year as well as joining other clubs, so we want to provide a calm environment for students to chill and enjoy reading.

— Ms. Vicki Townsend, librarian


One Thursday each month after school, students meet in the library to choose and discuss books to read for that month. This month readers are discussing “The Grace Year” by Kim Ligget. Members, such as junior Nina Alemayehu, look forward to exploring different experiences and worlds through reading. 


“I joined the Book club because I find it interesting how the author puts their thoughts into a book and how simple sentences can make a person happy, sad, angry, or proud,” Alemayehu said.


The Book Club will not host field trips or offer chords for graduation this year. The librarians aspire to provide a relaxed environment for students to leisurely read. 


“This year, we want to keep things lowkey,” Ms. Townsend said. “Students have to deal with the stress of starting a new year as well as joining other clubs, so we want to provide a calm environment for students to chill and enjoy reading.”


The club’s goal is to nurture student literacy and passion for books. For junior Tobore Eruwetagware, the Book Club is a way to revisit her love for reading. 


“I enjoy how reading takes me to a whole other world and on a roller coaster of emotions. I’m looking forward to getting back into reading and having a space to talk about books with like-minded people,” Eruwetagware said. 


The club does not require official membership or participation. All students are welcome to participate at any point in the year. Librarians also offer snacks for students who attend. 


“You don’t need to be a big reader to participate. Sometimes it’s just nice to belong to a big group and we’re happy to offer that,” Mrs. Townsend said.