W.E. beat Mahomes


photo credit: Ian Halperin

Showstopper \\ From Texas Tech to Kansas City, Patrick Mahomes’ North Texas roots stem back to this school. The Class of 2012 defeated the would-be Superbowl MVP when he was a senior in high school. “We ended Patrick Mahomes’ high school football career,” Football Coach BJ Smith said. photo courtesy of Wylie ISD Communications Director, Ian Halperin.

writer: Ashtyn Arp, journalism student

Back then, the school was Class 4A Division II. As a new high school, it was the first year to compete with a senior class. Facilities were limited. No field house, no turf field.

Back then, he was the quarterback at Whitehouse High School.

Now, the school is Class 5A-1 Region II District 7. With over 400 seniors, the campus now includes an IMPAC, a turf football field, a field house and is still growing.

Now, he is the reigning Super Bowl Most Valuable Player.

As an offense we knew that we had to score every time we had the ball because that would be the only way we could win the game”

— Garrett McCain, 2012 Quarterback

November 23 was the day that the very first graduating class, the class of 2012, will never forget.

The night was filled with excited fans and pumped-up players. Little did everyone know that the opposing team’s quarterback, then-sophomore Patrick Mahomes, would soon become the National Football League’s Super Bowl MVP.

“Obviously with it being a playoff game, the atmosphere was electric,” 2012 Raider quarterback Garrett McCain said. 

As the game started to play out, it was very close. Touchdowns were scored left and right by both teams.

“As an offense we knew that we had to score every time we had the ball because that would be the only way we could win the game,” McCain said. 

When the clock ran out, the Raiders came out on top with a score of 63-56, defeating Whitehouse with Mahomes at the forefront.

Freshman football coach BJ Smith has coached football at this school since it opened in 2007.

“I recall we were hard to contain all night. They were a great match for our defense,” Coach Smith said.