The mission of the Wylie East High School news site is to inform, educate and entertain readers. Established Jan. 13, 2011. Principal: Mrs. Tiffany Doolan; Adviser: Ms. Kimberly Creel

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The mission of the Wylie East High School news site is to inform, educate and entertain readers. Established Jan. 13, 2011. Principal: Mrs. Tiffany Doolan; Adviser: Ms. Kimberly Creel

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The mission of the Wylie East High School news site is to inform, educate and entertain readers. Established Jan. 13, 2011. Principal: Mrs. Tiffany Doolan; Adviser: Ms. Kimberly Creel

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Raider Reflections: A Season Review

Head boy’s soccer coach discusses his first season coaching and the future of the program
photo credit: Lobna Bougacha
Tellin’ it how it is \\ Boy’s head soccer coach and anatomy and physiology teacher Trey Vaut (in the blue beanie) directs the drill during morning practice March 6. This school year marked his 11th year as a high school soccer head coach. “I learn every year from my players because you have different types of kids, personalities [and] things like being able to communicate with them correctly what you’re trying to teach them and to be open,” Vaut said.

Coming from Tulsa to Texas, if there’s one thing Coach Trey Vaut knows, it’s the heat of every high school soccer season. However, the former Garland High School coach was left with a slight sunburn at the end of his first season. 

The former Oral Roberts University player faced a slightly disappointing first season as the new head coach for the Raider soccer program with poor game results and a flu-infected, injury-ridden squad.

“It was very up and down, because we had some really good games,” Vaut said. “We won the Rockwall Tournament, but once we got into district, we had a tough beginning the first four, five games… we just struggled. We had two or three players out every single game, so it was really hard to get the chemistry built.” 

Coach Vaut’s primary goal to make playoffs was a dart that missed the board, yet he remains confident and optimistic in his next turn the following season. 

“This year was very unfortunate just with results, like some bad plays and bad decisions, but even at this point, I think we have a playoff team,” Vaut said. “We’ll continue to do what we have been doing, and I think next year, hopefully, we’ll get better results.” 

And for every sunburn, there’s a treatment, whether it’s the leaf of an aloe vera or over-the-counter cream. For Coach Vaut, it’s his memorable games as head coach. 

“Beating Garland 3-1 was memorable, as that was the school I came from; the team knew I wanted to win since we took a tough 2-3 loss earlier to them in the season,” Vaut said. “And beating South Garland 4-1 to get my 100th career win. Complete team effort and the team’s performance showed a lot about what this team is capable of.” 

Those memorable games are paired with a season of learning for not only him, but his players as well. 

“[I teach my players to] keep grinding daily because it’s very tough,” Vaut said. “I’m obviously very competitive, I want to win, players want to win, they want to be successful. But even during those downtimes and unfortunate games and results, just staying positive.”

With the boys’ soccer season wrapping up over spring break, Coach Vaut once more, stands in front of the dart board, aiming for the bullseye of making the playoffs next season. 

“The undeniable goal for next season is to make playoffs. I think we have a great returning core that’ll be coming back [and will] have a good amount of varsity playing experience, which we did lack a little bit of this year,” Vaut said. “And just finding the kids to step up and fill in the spots the seniors have left.”

He also has his eye on a single ring of defensive improvements. 

“Defense is going to be our primary focus for next year because we did give away too many goals,” Vaut said. “Some of the goals came from unfortunate situations, handballs, things like that—things happen, we just had a lot this year.” 

However, his aim doesn’t only target objective team goals; it also encompasses the mental side of his team. 

“When you’re passionate about something, you wanna do something, be all in, don’t be half in and half out,” Vaut said. “Because that can definitely determine how seasons can go, not just soccer seasons but seasons in life as well, so if you’re going to be in on something, be all in.” 

At the end of every year I always ask the kids ‘what can we do better as coaches to help the soccer program?’ because I’m continually growing as a coach and all the different types of input from the kids help me with that.”

— Trey Vaut, boy's soccer head coach

Along with an overhead arc of a new coaching philosophy that Coach Vaut attempts to implement onto the program.

“I push to help to get the best out of each kid, not just individually, but also as a team, [and] to help give them the tools not just to be successful on the field, but also in the real world,” Vaut said. 

For now, Coach Vaut hasn’t quite put on his heatwave shades to minimize the glare of his first season at East. With his healing sunburn, he’s more than prepared for next season and what it may bring to the school’s boy’s soccer program, with high hopes to leave a lasting legacy on the program. 

“With me being new, I’m still trying to come in and build a soccer program kind of how I want it to be, but [this season] was fun, exciting,” Coach Vaut said. “I brought passion to the game and hopefully, I brought lots of trophies as well.”

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