Pep rally in new Williams Center Friday


photo credit: Cali Scott

Out with the old \\ The spring pep rally will take place in the new Williams Center during fourth period Feb. 25.

writer: Casi Thedford, Adviser

The Williams Center will host its first ever pep rally Friday, Feb. 25 during fourth period.

After a delay in opening due to construction, the new event center finally held its first event, a varsity boys basketball game halfway through the season.

Since the pep rally is in a new location, there are a few things students need to know.

Students will be released from their fourth period classes by grade levels. Seniors will make their way to the Willliams Center and fill the home section. Next the juniors will be released and will fill the remaining seats on the home side. Sophomores, once released, will continue filling the gym next to the juniors, then the freshmen will fill the remaining seats on the visitors side.

Students must leave their backpacks and belongings in their fourth period classes.

Be sure to wear blue to celebrate spring sports at this momentous occasion.