Buy your yearbook jingle

Journalism students produce song using advertising appeals

Ashley Survillion


photo credit Maddie Smith

writer Avery Platt & Sheridan Woodrow, journalism students

If this tune doesn’t get stuck in your head to remind you that yearbook sales end soon, nothing will.

Juniors Avery Platt and Sheridan Woodrow wrote the following jingle for project in journalism. Students were to create an ad to sell the 2019 yearbook using advertising appeals they have studied. Platt and Woodrow used a jingle, repetition and a slogan in their production of the song “Buy Your Yearbook or Die.” 

Platt and Woodrow wrote the lyrics then recorded their song with a spooky melody just in time for Halloween.

Boys and girls of every age

Wouldn’t you like to see your face on the page

Buy with us and you will see

this is our Wylie East family


Price is 60 bucks, price is 60 bucks

Until November second

Now it’s 70 bucks, so hurry up and get a book

Buy or die, cause Feb. first will make you cry


It’s our school everybody see

In this book of you and me


Order online with a credit card

Or exact cash with an order form


If you are the one to pay with check

Drop it off in room 826


Buy your yearbook, buy your yearbook,

yearbook, yearbook, yearbook, yearbook


Friends, teachers, coaches, pep rallies, football games, homecoming, prom, clubs, accomplishments and memories: All the things that a student would want to remember and can with a yearbook.

There are three ways to pay for this 220-page full color yearbook:

  1. Order online at
  2. Drop off exact cash with an order form to Mrs. Thedford in room 826.
  3. Drop off a check made out to WEHS Yearbook and order form to Mrs. Thedford in room 826.

Order forms are on PeachJar. the campus website and posted throughout the school.

The price of the yearbook is currently $60 until Nov. 2. After Nov. 2 the price will increase.

Buy a yearbook. Your memory may fade, but pages will not.