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Petrifying Playlists

writer: Heath Hadley, Editor in Chief
October 30, 2020
A good one \\ Freshman Bryanna Turner highly recommends the latest video game obsession: Among Us.

Among us

writer: Bryanna Turner
October 15, 2020
Pepless rally \\ Cheerleaders perform a routine for empty bleachers while filming the pep rally two days prior to it being broadcast to students virtually. Though the  enthusiasm of the participants' performance was inevitable, watching the pep rally in a classroom, on a TV screen, socially-distanced was lackluster.

Sleep Rally

writer: Anne Stone (11), journalism student contributor
October 5, 2020
Lions; tigers, mullets

Lions; tigers, mullets

April 9, 2020

Go watch #1 show on Netflix

writer: Katie Larson, journalism student
April 9, 2020
Healthy home \ Sophomore Ryah Hill uses a dumbell to show different ways students can exercise and stay healthy from their home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Makeshift muscles

writer: Ryah Hill, Staff Reporter
April 3, 2020
The hardt of Wylie

The hardt of Wylie

writer: Savannah Kiser, journalism student
February 27, 2020
Call off the critics \ Journalism student Blake Henderson says the latest Call of Duty installment isn't too violent, as critics of the released trailer say, but exactly what should be expected from such a game.

Buy Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 

writer: Blake Henderson, journalism student
November 4, 2019
Beyond a bridge \\ Though I did not see anything supernatural at the Goatman’s bridge in Denton, Texas, tales of the site tell a different story.

Bridge less travelled

writer: Addie Orr, Editor in Chief
October 31, 2019
Overprotected // Wearing the t shirt he received for promoting the Rollout, senior Enoch Olajimi believes that the use of Chromebooks would be more beneficial to teachers and students if the restrictions were loosened. GoGuardian and other methods of web protection cause more problems than prevent.

Chromebook Rollout

writer: Enoch Olajimi, Sports Editor
October 30, 2019
Audiences won’t be laughing at end of ‘Joker’

Audiences won’t be laughing at end of ‘Joker’

writer: Braydon Pyles, Staff Reporter
October 19, 2019
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