Best album of 2022


photo credit: Morgan Gore

writer: Morgan Gore, Staff reporter


Taylor Swift recently came out with a new album called MIDNIGHTS. It was released two years after her album “evermore” came out. Out of all her albums, this is top two for sure. Her voice sounds much more mature than in past albums, and she is a lyrical genius. Every word in every song is so detailed and immersive. Her leading group of fans is mostly Gen Z and a few Millennials because she writes many break-up songs and songs about boys, making it easy to connect to her music.

 Taylor likes to tie past songs to present songs, making her songwriting appeal to all generations of her listeners, such as her song “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” and “Dear John” from her album Speak Now. They both have to do with her ex-boyfriend, John Mayer, and their toxic relationship. It was almost like a blast from the past. 

What is different about this album that we haven’t seen from her in a while is that we could pick out songs, and they would fit perfectly on another one of her albums. The song “Paris” is an excellent example of how the beats and styles of music would go quickly on her album 1989 released in 2014. And her song “Labyrinth” could go onto her album Lover

I have only listened to these songs for the past couple of weeks, and they are my favorite. I listen to them in the car, at school, and just at home. Soon after she released this album, she also announced that she was going on tour again, which made it even more exciting. I would rate this album a 10/10. Taylor swift is one of the best artist and I love every song and wouldn’t change a thing about it.