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Train of jokes: trainers’ inside jokes revealed


photo credit: Ryah Hill

Water you up to? \\ Junior Grace Duck provides football players with water at a game Oct. 30. Athletic trainers have their own system of jokes.

writer: Katie Borchetta, Staff Reporter

Trainers don’t just treat injured athletes and supply them with water. They are also friends with their own special bond. One way they keep close, is their keeping of inside jokes.

“The best inside joke is ‘We’re going to Disney.’ It’s how we say we’re going to a football game, and it reminds me I get to spend time with my fellow trainers,” sophomore Elle Duck said.

This expression originated from travelling to away football games. The trainers were always able to ride in the nice bus with the players, making them feel as though they were going on a trip or vacation, as if they were on their way to Disney.

“The ‘We’re going to Disney’ joke reminds me of the long bus rides to football games and eating Firehouse Subs,” sophomore Faith Seddig said.

Another joke that is popular within is “What? Ever.” This phrase is used between the trainers when one person says something, while the other pretends not to hear and follows up the statement with the word, “What?”

Before the first person is able to respond to the person who said “what” they then follow it up with the word “ever.” This somewhat unkind statement is used in good spirits throughout the group and is just meant to make people laugh.

Among the trainers it is almost unanimous that, junior Grayson Sheffler has the best execution of this joke.

“Grayson is the best at the “What? Ever joke,” junior Grace Duck said.

“I’m the best at the “What? Ever.” joke, next to Grayson, ” Elle said.

One last, inside joke that the trainers use during football season is “B.M.S. squared,” which stands for “Beat my scale.”

“We use it when something cool happens during a football play,” Seddig said.