Raider’s got talent

STUCO hosts annual talent show event


photo credit: Isabella Flores

Hand in hand \\ Singing the famous duet, Duo de Fleurs, seniors Lucy Ramirez and Carolyn Childrey perform at the talent show Mar. 22. “Performing in the talent show was like showing off to people what we, the performers, could do,” Ramirez said. “I also loved being able to get to know more people because of the different acts. I met my friend Antwon Anderson through the talent show over past years, and it really is just a fun thing to do if you want to put yourself out there.”

writer: Gloria Olajimi, Copy Editor

At last, the day had arrived. The day the nerve-wracking auditions and endless hours of rehearsals would pay off. The day raiders of various talents would compete, and only one act would come on top. Hosted by STUCO, these contestants performed at the “Raider’s Got Talent” talent show Mar. 22. 

“Performing for the talent show is always fun. STUCO and Mrs. Gholson in general always want to support the vision of the performer, which makes the experience very enjoyable,” performer Carolyn Childrey said.

Students gathered in the auditorium, decorated with large Xs to match the real “America’s Got Talent” set. They watched 14 acts which they would judge based on the criteria of preparation, technicality, stage presence, originality and crowd work. 

“My favorite part of hosting the talent show was being able to be raw and real with everyone; we did have a script, but there were definitely times where we free-balled things, and it was really fun and enjoyable,” host Kenley Turner said. “I also really enjoyed watching the amazing talents that got to perform. We really do have the best students at the school.”

Each act featured various talents: singing, piano, dancing or, in performer Sean “Trey the Hybrid” Jones’ case, rapping.  

“I’ve always had trouble expressing myself,” Jones said. “Rapping has given me a voice that I wanted to share through ‘Raider’s Got Talent.’”

Unlike in previous years, students and families were allowed to watch the show for free.  

“This year’s talent show was free because the goal was to focus on the talents and [STUCO] wanted everyone to come and appreciate our acts without having to pay,” Turner said. 

I also really enjoyed watching the amazing talents that got to perform. We really do have the best students at the school.

— Kenley Turner, talent show host

Taking the spot for first place, seniors Lucy Ramirez and Carolyn Childrey blew away the crowd singing Duo de Fleurs from the opera, Lakme. 

“I honestly did not think we would win at first when STUCO announced that it was student-voted specifically because opera is something that, if there’s no understanding of the art, can be very boring to some people,” Ramirez said. “However, when they announced that we had won, I was shocked and extremely happy because that showed me that people actually understood the dedication and talent it takes to sing those songs.” 

To Childrey, who’s majoring in music at the University of North Texas in the fall, winning gave her confidence in her skills as a performer. 

“Winning for me meant the realization that my voice has much more of an impact than I previously thought,” Childrey said. “This confirmed to me that I need to keep fighting and growing in the music sphere and that there’s a possibility I could perform as a vocalist in a professional setting in the future.”

To Ramirez, placing first taught her the strength of comradery. 

“Winning the talent show proved to me that I don’t need to be a solo act to win,” Ramirez said. “Carolyn is such a talented singer, and I am very grateful to call her one of my closest friends.”