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Looking for new respect: Students should revere teachers

Allie Dorsey, Staff Reporter

September 17, 2015

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School is a time for learning, it is a privilege and we take that for granted. School is not a playground where we can horse around and do as we please. Say for instance there is a group of people in one of your classes and...

With immigration comes difficulties: racism, rude comments and stereotypes

Andrea Coca, Staff Reporter

May 27, 2015

Filed under Opinions, Worldwide

Imagine moving to a country where you have no idea how to speak its language at all. You leave your family behind for the chance at a better life. Being poor in America does not compare to the poverty-stricken people in other...

Becoming a leader

Kailee Zercher, News & Features Editor

May 11, 2015

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In a world full of followers, how are leaders identified? What does it take to be a leader? There are so many different opinions, perspectives, and ideas in this world that come with being a leader that it’s hard to narr...

Healthy not harmful

Kristin Gooch, Video Editor

March 17, 2015

Filed under Opinions, Student Life

There is nothing shady about healthy relationships In homeroom we have recently discussed healthy relationships, how to maintain them and be trustworthy to the people you love. As teenagers, we are accustomed and subjected to...

Medicated: Fighting the stigma of mental illness

Ash Thomas, Editor in Chief

February 19, 2015

Filed under Editorials, Opinions

Let’s talk about the word crazy. I asked a few students what it is, and they think to be crazy means to be “insane,” or to be a “wild psycho.” Typically, the word is used in everyday conversation, regarding sports, ...

Get a room

Kailee Zercher, News & Features Editor

February 17, 2015

Filed under Opinions

High school students: a little too friendly Bellowing laughter heard from miles away. Cheeks bursting with red. Electric currents running through your fingertips. Cherry flavored lip balm. The memories of young love invade our ...

Five seconds of summer is greatness

Andrea Sierra, Contributor

February 17, 2015

Filed under CD Reviews, Opinions

One of the best breakthrough bands If you haven’t heard about Five Seconds of Summer yet you must definitely be living under a rock, and missing one of the greatest bands around. Australian punk rock band, Five Seconds of ...

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