Softball season starts soon


photo credit: Abrianna Gilkey

Top of their game \\ The softball team celebrates winning the homecoming float competition Aug. 30. Soon they’ll be off the bleachers and on the field.

writer: Rylee Keith, journalism student

Everyday when the sixth period bell rings, the softball team heads down to the field to train for their upcoming spring season.

Since their fall season has come to an end, they are pushing each other and training for what’s to come.

Our fall season was good; we were 2-2 and we got a lot of information for our real season.

— Kyra Tawney, freshman

“Our fall season was good; we were 2-2 and we got a lot of information for our real season,” freshman Kyra Tawney said.

The girls are training everyday, working on their skills so they can have the best season possible.

 “We have been working on our defense and conditioning so we are ready to play seven full innings this spring,” freshman Kimma Kincaid said.

The varsity and junior varsity teams both get along very well and all practice together as one team every afternoon.

“We all get along and we all talk to each other as a group,” freshman Franki Montenegro said.

With the semester coming to a close the girls are practicing harder than ever and can’t wait for their season to start.

“You can never have enough practice,” Kyra Tawney said.