She’s got game

Freshman plays on varsity basketball team


photo credit: Katie

Get your swish on \\ Shooting a free throw, freshman Kerbie Cash plays against McKinney North High School. She is on varsity which makes her the youngest one on the team.

writer: Hope Altobelli, journalism student

They may be older but bigger doesn’t always mean better. A typical varsity player is usually a junior or senior, but this player is only a freshman.

15-year-old Kerbie Cash is on the varsity basketball team playing against people three years older than her.

Cash has played since she was 5 years old.

“I worked extremely hard every single day because making varsity was my main goal,” Cash said.

Even though she is playing with people much older than her, she doesn’t let the pressure affect her confidence.

“I go into the game feeling very confident,” Cash said. “Them being older than me doesn’t scare me.”

Cash’s teammate agrees with her and is confident with what she offers to the team.

“She brings her hard work and motivation to every practice and game,” senior Lanie Gooch said.

The team went undefeated in district and has many goals going forward.

“I am hoping that we will make it to state and win playoffs,” Cash said.