College thinking


photo credit: Jay

writer: Morgan Gore, Staff reporter

Taking a dual credit class when becoming a junior is optional; however, taking the course can significantly impact how you plan, write, read and test.

There are two options for dual credit junior year, but I will focus on English.

we don’t have to go to class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Depending on what period you have in the class, you can sleep in, have an extended lunch and even leave school early. The class helps prepare you for college by using different resources, being stricter with the grading, and giving you more work. It also gives you credit for your first-year English class in college, which means you won’t have to take that class your freshman year in college.

The class can be challenging at times because it’s a lot more work than we, as high school kids, are used to, and most of the assignments
we have to do outside of school. However, working outside of school helps you learn how to plan and spend time well.

Another pro about taking dual credit English is how quickly you learn new things. When I started the class, I had no clue how to write a put-together essay, but with the help of Professor Elizabeth Simmons, I quickly learned that it’s not as hard as it seems, and it is basically putting all your thoughts down on paper and then taking out the extra things. It has helped me become a more efficient writer and taught me many new skills.

I suggest taking dual credit English- you won’t regret it.