What guys want for Valentine’s gifts

writer: Heath Hadley, Editor in Chief

When it comes to Valentine’s day, finding the perfect gift can take up chunks of time, especially for that special guy in your life. There are a bunch of gift ideas out there for girls, but not many guys really want a bunch of flowers or a teddy bear. Unless it is giant, then we would want it. We aren’t savages. Here are a few ideas to help you save some valen-time.

  1. Love Language: First of all, a compliment or affirmation can go a long way. Anyone can use a little to boost their self-esteem, and just letting a guy know what good traits or actions you see in them will make their Valentine’s day. Send a nice text or email, and let them know you care. There are several love languages. If you want to make your loved one´s day even more special have them take a test to figure it how and base the day around that.
  2. Romantic Dinners: You may have heard that the best way to a man’s heart is food. Well, it’s true. Hamburgers or chicken, homemade or fast food; if you know what he likes, get him some. Maybe buy him dinner or a gift card ‒ you could even send him surprise food using UberEats. Pair the food with some candles, and you have a candlelit, romantic dinner.
  3. Sweet Tooth: You can also never go wrong with some sweets. A box of chocolates, cookies, candies; literally buy a pack of cookies from Walmart and he’ll be in heaven.

The gift doesn’t have to last to be special; that goes for both guys and girls. Don’t overcomplicate your gift or your relationship. Simple is sweet.