Your guide to getting a gift for a girl

writer: Morgan Clark, Staff Reporter

Guys aren’t the easiest to get gifts for, but girls have many more ideas. Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday for spoiling your girlfriend. 

  1. Flowers – You can never go wrong with a small or large bouquet of her favorite flowers. Even if you don’t know her favorites, she will still love them and cherish them for as long as they live. This can also be a good gift all year round. 
  2. CHOCOLATE! – Even though not all girls love chocolate, it is a necessity for a Valentine’s Day gift. Don’t be surprised if your girl is disappointed if she doesn’t get any lovely chocolates from you on VDay. 
  3. Stuffed Animals – Now, these can be any animal. The typical VDay stuffed animal is usually a teddy bear, but depending on your girl’s favorite animal, make sure you choose wisely. Bonus points if the stuffed animal has candy or chocolate attached to it! 
  4. Anything sentimental that belongs to you – Some examples could simply be one of your hoodies (girls love those). You could also throw in some of her favorite cologne and other clothes or something like a blanket or jewelry. 
  5. Love Letter – This is a must! She needs to know how much you really love her, and this will be a perfect way to wrap up the gift. (Not literally, though). 

But don’t forget to ask her to be your Valentine before the big day!