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Lauren West
Hey all, I’m Lauren. Or, if you’re like my mom and have been introduced to my ‘genius brain’, Tony Stark because, “I can build the clock but I can’t tell time”. Sometimes I counter the stereotype of the ‘dumb blonde’, but most of the time I am the epitome of it. Please take it from the girl who stuck her finger in a lamp to see if it was working or if the light bulb had just burned out; just because you have decent grades doesn’t mean you’re smart. (By the way, don’t do that.)

I have and older brother who consistently spells my “L”, “Elle” and who coined giving me my “L” (a.k.a. “the loser sign”) whenever I do something stupid. J (Which is unfortunately often.) I’ve also got a fishy younger sister, and a one-year-old sister-in-law  J , just kidding, she’s actually 25 but to me she is one. Muhahaha. I love writing (especially my book), not so much journalistically (sorry Mrs. Thedford). I also love reading, playing games, bugging my family, archery, and attempting the craziest strategy games out there (pretty much anything that is hard, I’m in).

My dream life would be having my own place and a job where I get paid to daydream. I adore sunsets, sunrises and all of God’s beautiful paintings, which I can only attempt to describe and which prompted my writing.

Lauren West, Staff Reporter

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Lauren West