Among us

A fresh spin on ‘who done it games’


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A good one \\ Freshman Bryanna Turner highly recommends the latest video game obsession: Among Us. “The game is addictive! The suspense factor left me wanting more,” Turner said.

writer: Bryanna Turner

The 2018 game, Among Us has recently seen a sudden increase in popularity over the past couple of weeks. The colorful astronauts have become such a big hit that memes and edits of the game have surfaced throughout the internet.

The game is essentially a murder mystery in which players are trying to find out who the imposter is. There are two roles in this game, crewmate and Imposter. The objective is to complete tasks around the map. The tasks range from fixing wires all the way to taking out the trash. The tasks seem extremely easy, but there’s a catch. There’s an imposter among us! The job of the imposter is to kill off the crewmates. The imposter must be sneaky with their murderers to avoid being caught. When a body has been discovered a player can call an emergency meeting. The players then must decide who they find most suspicious and vote them off. This continues until the crewmates vote off the imposter or the imposter kills everyone.

The great thing about Among Us is that every round is different. Each Round has a new outcome and twist.”

— Bryanna Turner, freshman

The main map of 3, The Skeld, is where players will find others on a spacecraft rushing to finish tasks before someone is left for dead. The imposter can sabotage the ship with a press of a button, forcing the players to rush to fix the damage that they have caused before it’s too late. The imposter can wiggle their way through vents, sneaking up behind the players and before you know it you’re dead. Once a player has died or been voted off they become a ghost that floats around the map completing  tasks and spectating the remaining players. This game rated four out of five stars for being entertaining. 

The game is addictive! The suspense factor left me wanting more. Everyone has their suspicions on who the imposter really is.You soon realize that everyone is your enemy. You can’t trust no one. The constant thought that the imposter might be waiting on the perfect time to strike me dead kept me on edge. Therefore, I would have to rate this game 5 out of 5 stars for the suspense factor. 

The great thing about Among Us is that every round is different. Each Round has a new outcome and twist. This game rates four out of five for playability. 

The likeness of myself returning and playing another round of this “who done it game” is a definite yes. I just loved everything about the game. This game rates five out of five stars for the replay aspect. 

Overall, this game is definitely one of the best games out there for all ages to enjoy. There is nothing negative to say about this game at all. I would highly recommend others to come along and try out the game for themselves but watch out, there’s an imposter among us. 

Entertaining- 4 out of 5 stars

Suspense- 5 out of 5 stars

Playability- 4 out of 5 stars

Replay- 5 out of 5 stars