Making his return

Senior wants to return to on-campus learning after unsuccessful first term


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Welcome back \\ Senior Grayson Housley is a remote learner. He has chosen to return to on-campus learning at the end of the grading period. The district asked families to choose if they wanted to continue their learning experience or change it at the end of the nine week grading term.

writer: Abbey Hall, yearbook staff contributor

Due to Covid-19, students have the option to stay at home and do online schooling or go back to school for on-campus learning.

Senior Grayson Housley, decided to stay home for the first nine week grading period and has chosen to return to school for the next nine weeks . 

“At first, I thought [online school] would be a good idea. Then I soon realized that my grades kept dropping because it was hard to pay attention and keep up in my classes,” Housley said. 

I feel like I’m missing out on my high school experience.”

— Grayson Housley, senior

Housley went from a straight A student to now receiving Bs due to his choice of learning.

“I have been really stressed about my grades and wish I didn’t choose online and went back to school,” Housley said. “I feel like I’m missing out on my high school experience like spirit wear days as well as seeing all my friends. I don’t want to regret it later in life and wish I went back and didn’t. You only have one senior year and I want to spend it with friends,” Housley said.