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Valerie Msafiri

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As a cheerleader suffers a minor injury and Raider Records puts on a show at the final football pep rally Nov. 1, student performers found encouragement and championship from their teacher sponsors.

Sophomore cheerleader Abby Malhiot rolled her ankle in the middle of a routine, just before a critical move that could not have been performed without her. Not to sweat, however, because cheer sponsor Mrs. Amie Torres jumped right in and took her place as the base of a stunt, blending right in with the other cheerleaders.

It’s like being a parent. You see similarities, like teaching a child to walk, and then getting to watch him run.”

— Levi Turner, Raider Records sponsor

“It was a spontaneous and exhilarating decision,” Torres said. “I was happy to step in to assist with the routine.”

At the same pep rally, Raider Records sponsor Mr. Levi Turner also stepped right into a performance.

“It’s like being a parent,” Mr. Turner said. “You see similarities, like teaching a child to walk, and then getting to watch him run.”

The brand new student-recording program gave the student body a taste of their new single “LUI DRIP.” Lead vocalists, seniors Ezekiel “Zeke” Douglas and Troy Gonzales, spouted verses at the pep rally about overcoming prejudice to become someone new. Then, Mr. Turner hopped on the mic, making the crowd cheer even louder. 

“Mr. Turner has helped me become the person I am,” senior Zeke Douglas said. “He has a lot of foresight into the music world, and he helped me find my love for music. He’s a great teacher and an even better person.”