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College Club seniors sign to attend college

Valeria Herrera

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photo credit: Alyssa Rivera
Daisy Gonzalez – U.S. Navy “I chose the Navy because I wanted the experience and discipline,” senior Daisy Gonzalez said. “I love the idea of living on the sea and traveling the world. What I hope to do in the Navy is to become a Hospital Corpsman, where their specialty is medical. I would be able to provide first aid, go on humanitarian missions, work in Navy hospitals around the world, and so many other things. My favorite senior memory would probably have to be when I went on my College Club trip to West Texas. My friends and I got to spend the night in a hotel and it was just super fun. After my time in the military, I plan to work in a hospital near home, start a family, and just live life.”photo credit: Valeria Herrera

Seniors of the school’s College Club sign certificates to universities and Military branches May 10 in the auditorium. Some of these students have been involved with College Club since their freshman year, while others joined their third year of high school. Regardless of their time in the club, all students have participated in various activities and have taken great advantage of the opportunities the club offers. With graduation in a few weeks, club advisors gave seniors a moment to shine during the College Club signing. Counselor and club advisor Mr. Jeff Hattaway called students one by one to the front of the stage of the auditorium. Principal Mike Williams shook their hands and congratulated each of them. Family and friends in the audience cheered and clapped as the seniors make their way across the stage before joining Mr. Hattaway and College Club teacher Coach Cody Christensen at the official signing table.